• Dr Suzanne Polak, Canberra Equine Hospital


    Rose-Hip Vital (RHV) was initially recommended to me by a colleague. Since I have had much earlier experience with rosehips while living in Denmark, where I was in love with the rosehip (hyben) jam and a powdered concentrate made into a warm drink, I was extremely curious about what benefits RHV could provide to my patients.

    Soon after contacting RHV directly, they helped me by generously providing some products to trial on a variety of cases. The cases included:

    • an equine veterinarian with spinal pain and daily consumption of ibuprofen,
    • a fussy Thoroughbred in race training that would not eat and maintain weight,
    • two horses suffering from insect bite hypersensitivity (receiving corticosteroids and antihistamines daily),
    • a geriatric equine patient with “sidewinder syndrome” (spinal osteoarthritis) and
    • another human with plantar fasciitis were our case studies


    The results were astounding after just a few weeks: the equine vet was not reaching for the ibuprofen anymore, the fussy Thoroughbred was eating everything and winning races, the horses with the insect bite hypersensitivity were no longer rubbed raw and the other medications had been stopped when RHV started, the geriatric patient’s gait improved dramatically so he could walk straight, and the plantar fasciitis patient could start to run again.

    Since then I have used RHV in horses recovering from severe infections and colic surgery, as well as horses, humans and dogs with osteoarthritis.  I have really liked their friendly and approachable service, the quality and consistency of the product and how all the animals love it! The geriatric patient would have his mouth open and ready as we syringed it into his mouth each day.

    I found the experience since using and supplying RHV for myself and for friends or clients to always be a positive one.  I am still excited when I hear positive feedback from clients when they have started using it on themselves, their dogs or their horses.

    I would recommend Rose-Hip Vital to anyone looking to reduce their reliance on anti-inflammatory medication for osteoarthritis or an immune boost when recovering from surgery or illness.

    What I don’t recommend is that you stop taking it!  Your aches and pains return and you find yourself reaching for the paracetamol or ibuprofen.

    Dr Suzanne Polak

    Equine Veterinarian

    BVSc BAppSc (equine science)

    Grad Dip (Animal Biomechanical Medicine)


  • Chris Chugg, 6 Times Australian Show Jumping Champion
    Chris Chugg, 6 Times Australian Show Jumping Champion

    Rose Hip Vital is an essential part of mine and my team of Showjumpers daily routine to ensure we do everything we can to have optimal joint health. The results speak for themselves, Cassiago has had 4 World Cup wins and 2 seconds this season, is the current leader of the Australian World Cup league and has also gained a full certificate of capability which makes him eligible for selection for the Rio Olympics in 2016.

    Having a great product supporting myself and my horses like Rose Hip Vital gives me the peace of mind that Cassiago will be able to perform to the best of his ability on our exciting road to Rio.

    Photo credit: Stephen Mowbray

  • Tim Boland, Elite Australian Eventer
    Tim Boland, Elite Australian Eventer

    2015 has been a good year for my team – GV Billy Elliot selected on the Australian Team for The Trans Tasman in New Zealand and my young horses successfully upgrading to 3 star with a strong win for Napoleon at the Melbourne CCI 2 star . RHVE has been with me every step of the way. As I fly out to England in early March with Napoleon and GV Billy Elliot and head towards Rio ,you can be certain RHVE will be flying with me.

    RHVE has gone from being a new product that people were interested in and talking about a couple of years ago ,to a product that everyone now knows works and most leading riders include in their feeding regime . I am proud to represent RHVE and I urge those who haven’t tried this wonderful product on their horses yet to give it a go. You will be amazed!

    Photo credit: Geoff McLean

  • Jess Brown, International Show Jumper
    Jess Brown, International Show Jumper

    Having an elite team of show jumpers means we are often travelling long distances from one competition to the next and putting a lot of stress on their bodies.  By incorporating Rose-Hip Vital Equine into their diets we are doing our best to prevent and maintain their optimal health and wellbeing.

    ‘Casco’ was imported in late 2012 and had a lot of trouble adapting to the Australian climate, and his immune system suffered. He struggled to drop his coat, constantly had skin irritations, and felt physically drained.  After 9 months on Rose-Hip Vital Equine we have seen a dramatic improvement in his overall health and recent competition results are showing this. Jess and Casco had back to back wins at the Equitana World Cup qualifier and the Elms Spring Grand Prix, finishing 2nd overall in the Australian World Cup showjumping league for 2014 and receiving formal invitation to represent Australia at the FEI World Cup Jumping Final in Las Vegas. We are extremely happy we came across this product!”

    Jess Brown and Rod McQueen

    Equus Australia

  • Kate Taylor-Wheat, Grand Prix Dressage Rider
    Kate Taylor-Wheat, Grand Prix Dressage Rider

    In September 2013 I had the opportunity to try Rose-Hip Vital Equine on my dressage horses, after only being on Rose-Hip Vital Equine for 4 weeks I already started to feel a difference in my Grand Prix horse Oscar B. He became happier in his day to day work and felt much more supple throughout his whole body, he hadn’t felt like this for years! After being sidelined for 12 months and was nearly retired, we went back out into the Grand Prix competition arena and scored a personal best score. Even now in retirement and being 20 years old, Oscar B happily gallops around his paddock like a 3yr old. It makes me so happy seeing him being able to enjoy his retirement feeling and looking fantastic.

    Now 2 years on and all my dressage horses and clients horses are on Rose-Hip Vital Equine and all feeling and looking fantastic. Flowervale Florenz and World Star have had a great 2015 with both horses receiving a Gold Medal from the Australian Dressage committee for outstanding results at Advanced for Flowervale Florenz and Small Tour for World Star. They also received a Dressage NSW Gold Medal at these levels.

    World Star has had his fair share of dramas over the years. On Rose-Hip Vital Equine he feels so much stronger and happier in himself, every day I get to ride this horse is such a blessing and now we are starting the steps towards Grand Prix which is really exciting.

    It’s not only my horses that I am seeing amazing results with on Rose-Hip Vital, so are my family members and my dogs and of course myself!! I really can feel my aches and pains return if I forget my Rose-Hip Vital for a few days. I can’t recommend Rose-Hip Vital, Rose-Hip Vital Equine and Rose-Hip Vital Canine highly enough and I am so thankful I tried it out 2 years ago.

  • Roger Fitzhardinge - Dressage Specialist Rider, Coach and Physiotherapist
    Roger Fitzhardinge - Dressage Specialist Rider, Coach and Physiotherapist

    Having led a seriously sporting life from a young age and being competitive by nature, my body has had it’s share of gruelling times. Being a Physiotherapist I know the problems with joints and ageing, wear and tear, it’s inevitable and especially when an active sporting lifestyle has been a way of life. More to the point is that I am still wanting to be active and competitive. My joints ache but I ignore them or take anti inflammatories. I have tried many different joint formulas and can say that I have never found any benefit and It wasn’t from the lack of trying.

    I was asked for some photos to use in an advertising campaign for Rose Hip Vital. I had a meeting to discus the pictures needed and found out a little about Rose Hip Vital. ( here we go another one of those natural therapies !!!) Now being skeptical about additives for horses etc I was not prepared to use it. It wasn’t free and how can you tell in an equine athlete. I then said if it worked on people then I would consider it of benefit to horses. I did start the Rose Hip Vital and despite my ho hum attitude I have been truly blown away with the result.
    I can not tell enough people the difference it has made to my life. I am fitter, thinner and healthier and my joint pain is without doubt minimised. I am on no other medication at all and I can absolutely say that Rose Hip Vital has changed my life.
    I can get out of bed and walk straight down the stairs with out any problem which I haven’t done for years. My wrists and thumbs no longer hurt and I have not run a step for years and the other day I had to hurry to get somewhere and I ran without thinking and when I got there a bit puffed !! I realised what I had just done. There is no question at all, that Rose Hip Vital is an amazing additive to my life and I will not go a day without it. I have to say that above all I have not felt so fit and healthy for years and I have not changed a thing. I simply feel better and have less joint pain so I am able to do more and so the wheel goes around. I feel fantastic and of course this all leads to a better mind set and positive outlook. My life is all good and whats more so many people have asked how come I look fitter and healthier and that I am riding better. The answer is obvious!
    It’s exciting.
    Of course my horses are both on RoseHip Vital and Weltsohn who 15 months ago sustained a serious stifle injury that required surgery and the prognosis from top vets here in Australia and America gave him little hope. 12 months later he became sound and I was able to start working him gently and this was the time I was trying Rose Hip Vital and believed it helped so Sonny started. Its been three months and he looks fantastic. He has bloomed from a hairy no muscled unathletic looking dressage horse who was a Grand Prix Athlete 15 months ago. He is healthy and shiny and back to being his excitable self. Above all he is having no problem with his joint at all and the scans and Xrays are remarkable. I attribute his lucky break to great vet attention and prompt and appropriate treatment and above all rest. I never thought he would come sound and nor did most vets. He did and now Rose Hip Vital is helping keep him on track. Never believed I would ride another Grand Prix test on him and he travelled to Melbourne for his first competition and was Fantastic. Totally healthy and placed mid field. His luck was that he developed a foot abscess and I had to withdraw. His stifle is perfect and his health is the best ever. He is absolutely as he was prior to the injury. I am sure Roes Hip Vital is working.
    It’s a wonderful product and I swear by it for me and my horses.

  • Dr Rachel Salz , Sc(Hons) BVetMed MRCVS Randwick Equine Centre
    Dr Rachel Salz , Sc(Hons) BVetMed MRCVS Randwick Equine Centre

    I have used Rosehip Vital Equine for over 18 months in performance horses of all disciplines and continue to be impressed by the results. It appears to have useful properties resulting in a reduction of pain, inflammation and even lameness in a number of horses with degenerative joint disease. Some of the most noticeable results have been seen in older horses with chronic lameness conditions. Additional benefits include appetite stimulation and reduction of inflammatory and allergic skin conditions.

  • John O’Shea, Multiple Group 1 Winning Racehorse Trainer
    John O’Shea, Multiple Group 1 Winning Racehorse Trainer

    This is to say that I have been using Rose-Hip Vital Equine on my horses for about 2 years now with amazing results. I found it particularly useful in assisting preparations of older horses who may be feeling a joint or a knee. Once they were on Rosehip the response was almost immediate and the horse raced successfully during their preparation, almost pain free.

  • Mykaela Briggs, State Showjumping Champion
    Mykaela Briggs, State Showjumping Champion

    My horses have been back on Rose-Hip Vital for the past 13 weeks now and we have once again seen fabulous results. Jellystone Park Chivas is typically one of our most fussy eaters and doesn’t fancy anything the same for more than a week. Making it hard for us to get good condition on him, when using the Rose-Hip Vital we notice a large difference in his eating pattern and consistency in how much he eats. He still leaves a small portion of food behind some days, more so in the morning than at night but we once couldn’t get him to eat breakfast at all. So that is a big benefit in itself let alone how much it protects and supports his joints. We all want out horses to last a long time and to have next to no soundness issues in their career, I feel confident knowing my horses joints are being maintained and cared for with Rose-Hip Vital.

    Also over the last few weeks we have been using the product on one of our Geldings JP Cassime as a trial to see if it would make any changes to his behavioural state. Colin as he is known at home, has attitude to burn and likes to skip straight to the easy part (the jumps) and miss out everything in between. We found after starting with the product there were very minor changes at first like small wins with just getting to the arena with minimal argument, then no argument. Those who have seen him competing over the last two months have seen a change in him and I have had lots of people telling me how much better he’s looking. Don’t get me wrong I’m not saying it’s the answer to all his problems but so far he is getting more tolerable and easier to conceive the harder work especially on the flat isn’t that hard. This means by doing more of it he is getting stronger and then obviously isn’t as argumentative because he is finding it easier and more enjoyable. So all in all I think it’s been very successful for this horse.

    All our team are busy preparing for our up and coming state championships with Jellystone Park Chivas in great form winning the main class at the last 3 shows. As well as JP Cassime moving up the heights and placing in 5th in the recent Future stars event and 2nd in two of his recent 1.10m championships. We are hoping to have a big team of around 7 horses campaigning at the state champs ranging from the babies in the 90cm classes up to the main classes 1.35+.

    Photo credit: Stephen Mowbray

  • Adele Edwards, Champion Barrel Racer and Barrel Horse Trainer
    Adele Edwards, Champion Barrel Racer and Barrel Horse Trainer

    I have been feeding both my open barrel racing horses, Rocs Rager & Moon Roc, Rose-Hip Vital Equine for the last 10 weeks. Rocky is 18 years of age & has been one of Australia’s best for the past 13 years, but due to wear & tear on his joints, retirement looked to be imminent & joint injections were not something I considered starting at this stage of his life.

    After speaking to Justin about the product at Equitana, I decided to try both horses on Rose-Hip Vital Equine, & I felt an improvement in Rocky’s action within the first 2 weeks. He has continued to improve & has been competing successfully whilst being fed Rose-Hip Vital, & on Australia day at Taralga rodeo he won his 125th open barrel race!!

    Mooney has also been competing well, having not missed a cheque since he started on Rose-Hip Vital. Both horses look & feel great, they love the taste of it, & I find it to be an appetite stimulant which is beneficial when they are away from home competing. My husband Darrell is also taking Rose-Hip Vital with GOPO & has had good results with his joint pain. I am thankful that I stopped to talk to Justin about Rose-Hip Vital, as I believe it has made a change for the better to my horse’s lives.

  • Rod McQueen, Grand Prix Show Jumper
    Rod McQueen, Grand Prix Show Jumper

    I believe that maintaining optimal health is critical to one’s wellbeing in everyday life. Given that I am a passionate showjumper, this is particularly important when it comes to competition day. I have learnt from my various coaches over the years, and in particular since I have been working at Equus Australia, that this is just as important when it comes to the wellbeing of your horse.

    I discovered Rose Hip Vital through a friend who suggested I should start giving it to my horse, ASB Vienna. Not until doing some research did I realise that this product has an extensive list of benefits for both horses and human beings. The ability of my horse to maintain high level performance over days of competition is crucial.

    I have been giving Rose Hip Vital to my horse for over 12 months and I have noticed positive changes in her attitude towards her day to day training, in her ability to back up during competition and in her overall condition.

    I have also been taking Rose Hip Vital for over a year and I have never felt better!

    I really notice a difference physically if I forget to take the daily dose. Whenever I go to competition I always make sure I have packed some, as it keeps me feeling in great shape.

    At the recent 2015 NSW State Showjumping Championships I was delighted to win the Grand Prix on the third day of competition. Over the three days, both my horse and I felt the best we have as a combination for a long time.

    If anyone is looking to incorporate a regular addition to your horse feeding program, I recommend Rose Hip Vital. In my opinion, this addition will give any horse the best opportunity to reach and maintain optimal wellbeing!

    Rod McQueen

  • Lizzie Wilson-Fellows, Elite Dressage Rider and Young Horse Specialist
    Lizzie Wilson-Fellows, Elite Dressage Rider and Young Horse Specialist

    I have been using Rose-Hip Vital Equine on my competition horses for the past twelve months after finding out about the product at Equitana 2013. I was very impressed with the studies and information they had undertaken to release the product.


    With so many different supplements available on the market it is sometimes hard to know which is the best and most cost effective to use and the scientific data behind Rose-Hip Vital was very refreshing. I needed a product that would help my horse’s health continue to flourish and I have found this in Rose-Hip Vital. My horse’s coats and joints look a million dollars and their performance results show they are feeling and moving at the best possible level. I feel the product has certainly helped improve their health due to the high quality all natural ingredients and the results certainly have shown this to be the case since starting it.


    I have also been very impressed with the results seen by others who have tried the product on a range of horses from the very young through to older horses, the proof is in the pudding so it is definitely worth trialling to enable your horses to give back to you the 100% you give to them.



  • Lydia Jackson, Dressage Specialist Rider and Coach
    Lydia Jackson, Dressage Specialist Rider and Coach

    Our horse family and human family from Kingston Agistment have been using Rose-Hip Vital since March this year. Cheryl has noticed a huge improvement in her overall strength and mobility. She is almost lifting the same weights as her daughter at their PT sessions and finds it much easier to get up and down. Jonathan recently ran a successful Gold Coast marathon with a fairly substantial tendon injury sustained prior to taking Rose-Hip Vital. He completed his training and the marathon on Rose-Hip Vital and is still taking it religiously.I myself have not visited the chiropractor as much as I have prior to taking rosehip and I have got through winter without a cold or flu. I can honestly say this is the strongest, least tired and healthiest I have felt for a long time. I thought I was just getting old!

    We have 2 horses on Rose-Hip Vital. Snowy River Blackwood who is a successful Grand Prix horse for Di Jenkyn, my mum Cheryl and myself. He is retired from competition but is still worked at home and attends the occasional clinic. He has bloomed on Rose-Hip Vital, his weight is easy to maintain and his coat is shiny and his first trot step is 100% sound. My almost Grand prix horse is loving his work, is finding the work load easier, he seems fitter and stronger and my coach is impressed each month.

    I have a client’s horse currently in work and she has put him on Rose-Hip Vital Equine and the difference is staggering. Within a week his entire attitude to work changed. He always had the handbrake on so to speak and if he thought things were a little difficult he would just quit. He is a happy horse that loves his work and more often than not I am saying “woah’ not GO.

  • Jodie Newall - Grand Prix Dressage Rider
    Jodie Newall - Grand Prix Dressage Rider

    I have been competing in Dressage for more than twelve years, and in that time I have campaigned a range of horses, including three at Grand Prix level. Over the last few years I have maintained 5-6 horses in work whilst undertaking study and now my profession – I spend a lot of time each day in the saddle, but also a large amount of time sitting in the car or behind a desk. As a younger (more stupid) rider, I have also found myself riding horses that were more exuberant than most. As a result, I’ve been dealing with back pain for a long time. I was on scholarship with the ACT Academy of Sport for four years – weekly physio sessions, and ultimately expensive scans, failed to diagnose or treat the pain. Strength and conditioning work at the gym several times per week also made little impact; often making it worse. Since coming off scholarship I dragged myself to physio when things got unbearable, but aside from that, I just got on with it (though apparently my family put up with a bit of whingeing too). In late 2013 my back flared up, so I was once again at physio, every competition I rode with my back taped and all I could smell was Dencorub. I was thinking that I’m 26 years old and this shouldn’t be happening!
    I’ve now been taking the human version of Rose-Hip Vital for the last six weeks. While I still have a minor pinching, the burning ache is gone and I have to say, I haven’t been to the physio nor had to have my back taped since I’ve been taking the product. Where before, if I saw something on the ground, I had to make a conscious decision whether it was worth the pain to bend down and pick it up, or whether it could stay there. It took a while for me to realise that I was suddenly picking things up without thought. I have more energy which is not surprising seeing as I’m no longer in a fog of pain. I have made plans to go and train in Europe, something that I wasn’t confident my back would cope well with before now. I can safely say that I’m very impressed and I’m relieved to have found something that works for me.
    As far as Rose-Hip Vital Equine goes, I’ve always been extremely sceptical of most oral supplements on the market. Most of the time, these products only have anecdotal evidence of their success – nothing quantitative or scientific. Given the impact that the product has had on me, I’m prepared to use the equine version as a maintenance supplement for my horses. Neither Jive Matrix or Danse Avec Moi had any significant issues, so their response has not been the same emphatic one that I’ve seen in myself, however they are both moving more freely and consistently. The horses don’t mind the taste either. I like the fact that it is a natural product, particularly in this day and age as we start to discover the ill-effects of synthetic substances. Of course, competing at major competitions I need a product that does not contain prohibited ingredients, and once again Rose-Hip Vital ticks the box. So, as an athlete, I couldn’t speak more highly of the product and its contribution to my wellbeing and my equestrian objectives.

  • Alex Townsend & Michelle Robson, Wallaby Hill
    Alex Townsend & Michelle Robson, Wallaby Hill

    Rose-Hip Vital® has recently come on board as sponsors of both myself, (Alex Townsend) & Michelle Robson and the horses here at Wallaby Hill and we are so grateful. We have been using Rose-Hip Vital® for approximately a year now and can genuinely state that with or without the sponsorship we would still continue to use their great products, Equine, Canine & human.

    All our competition horses are on Rose-Hip Vital® and we have noticed a marked change in the following:

    – Legs are less puffy and less prone to swelling

    – Coats glossier and less prone to rashes and reactions

    – Faster hoof growth

    – Less colds and snotty noses through the winter

    – Overall consistency in health and well being

    The hounds of Wallaby Hill are all derivatives of labradors, no one is quite sure how pure bred they are; but they are all prone to the common labrador arthritic complaints. Since Rose-Hip Vital® Canine has been added to their diet, it appears joint complaints no longer hinder their daily activities and they forever in and out of dams and paddocks as if age were never a factor.

    Rose-Hip Vital® for humans is a personal must. I have been on Rose-Hip Vital® for about the same amount of time as the horses, and am noticeably less creaky. I also notice when I have forgotten to take it for a couple of days or more as the creakiness reappears. I have noted that my hair and nails grow quicker and this year I have not been prone to the usual colds and snotty noses that come with winter riding. For those of you who may not know I recently had a nasty accident at Melbourne 3 Day Event, being knocked off my horse mid cross country course by an errant tree branch. I sustained multiple fractures & breaks not to mention multiple lacerations to my face, which required intensive stitching. 2 weeks later my face had virtually fully recovered from all scabs and scarring, displaying an insanely fast rate of recovery. By the end of the first week I was off all pain medication. While I can’t thank the doctors and nurses at the Royal Melbourne Hospital enough for their excellent care, I genuinely believe Rose-Hip Vital® played an integral part in this remarkably speedy recovery, long may it continue.

  • Tania Hay, State Show Champion
    Tania Hay, State Show Champion

    Rose-Hip Vital Equine has proved to be a winning formula for both my Galloway Fairfield Staccato and myself in 2014.

    I suffer arthritis in both hips and, as horse riders would be well aware, that can be crippling. Since starting Rose-Hip Vital the condition has eased dramatically and I am now virtually pain free, allowing me to work any number of horses without feeling the discomfort later.

    Fairfield Staccato has bloomed on Rose-Hip Vital Equine! His coat condition is magnificent, having struggled with coat issues in the past, Rose-Hip Vital has turned him around. His topline has improved along with his overall well being. Adding Rose-Hip Vital to his diet is the only change I have made with his feed and I am super impressed with the results! Stacci is virtually unbeaten this season, taking out both Royal Show championships in this state and SHC Small Galloway of the Year and is heading to EA Nationals in December and Grand Nationals in March 2015.

  • Matilda Alexander, International Junior Show Jumper
    Matilda Alexander, International Junior Show Jumper

    Hi, my name is Matilda Alexander, I’m 16 and live on the Mornington Peninsula in Victoria.  I have 2 show jumpers, Hedge and Dreamtime Invader (or Todd as he is known).  Hedge is 12 and Todd is 16.  To date my major showjumping achievement would have to be winning the Victorian State Junior title (on my old horse Eliza Jane) and the Young Rider State Title (on Todd) on the same day last year.

    Other highlights include being on the winning Victorian Junior Team at the 2014 Aus Champs, winning the first round of the Victorian Tekna leg at Boneo this year and then the Young Rider at Boneo WC show as well as winning the A2 at Sydney Royal this year – all of these highlights have been on Todd, who is such a special horse and has taught me so much.  I also made the top 10 in the Victorian Young Ambassador weekend, which was a great honor.

    At the end of this week I am going to Germany with two other juniors from Australia to participate in the German Friendship Games at Herford, Germany. We get paired with a German rider who has to bring an extra horse for their teammate.  There are 3 days of training with professional German riders and then 3 days of competition. It is so exciting to ride at a show in Europe and I am looking forward to meeting riders from around the world.

    We have been using Rosehip Vital on all our horses for about 2 ½ years and it is now a regular supplement in all of their feeds.  We started using it when I was competing Eliza Jane; who was 17 at the time and starting to feel her joints a bit.  After a few months on Rosehip Vital she started warming up so much better and went on to win the Vic Jr Title for me.  Todd is rising 16 and has done a lot of jumping in his life so it is very important his joints are looked after as well as possible- Rosehip Vital is an important part of his maintance program.

    Since starting to use Rosehip Vital all our horses’ coats look fantastic all year round, they all have very healthy appetites and their overall health is great.  If any of them have any nicks or cuts we use the Rosehip Oil and they heal quickly and cleanly.

    I cannot imagine not using Rosehip Vital as part of my horse’s ongoing maintenance program.

  • Libby Hulin, Dressage Specialist
    Libby Hulin, Dressage Specialist

    Rose-Hip Vital Equine was recommended by a close friend who couldn’t speak more highly of it and the positives it had on her horse. Moscow is currently 18 years old and a grand prix trained warmblood gelding. I wanted to maintain his performance and support his health whilst I had the opportunity to compete with him. Moscow had been semi-retired for a little while before I commenced riding him and I felt with his age I wanted to help his joints and muscles as much as possible and needed to find that ‘one’ supplement that would assist his joints and prevent inflammation and those niggling minor problems that can occur in the older horse.  Reading about RHVE, testimonials and actual stories I knew it was a proven supplement.

    After a month of Moscow being on it I noticed an improvement in Moscow’s demeanor. In fact many people commented on how good he looks, his coat is shinier and looking healthier.  It also improved his recovery time after a competition, he feels less stiff after a few days off. RHVE had a huge impact on Moscow when travelling to Boneo Park CDI in Melbourne and Dressage with Altitude in Orange earlier this year.  I doubled his dose a week before and continued this for 5 days once returning home knowing a big journey was on the horizon. He tolerated the travelling very well, was happy and settled and I believe our results confirm the benefits RHVE. RHVE is the only supplement Moscow is on and has ever been on and I strongly believe it is keeping Moscow fit and healthy. Moscow performed and felt great for the whole duration for both competitions and have RHVE to thank for that. Moscow absolutely loves his RHVE, and I would recommend it to anyone wanting a joint supplement.

    At home I also have my very first horse my parents purchased for me when I was 12 a spotless Appaloosa part Quarter Horse “Colonial Black Douglas”. He is currently 12 years old and a very laid back type of gentlemen who loves attention. I trained ‘Douglas’ to Advanced level ready for PSG before colic surgery in 2013. The vets saved his life and removed a 3.3kg enterolith from his large intestine. The surgery really knocked him around and lost some of his spark. Unfortunately due to an extended recovery time we found Douglas didn’t come back into work 100% he wasn’t completely sound. After X-rays we found a small spur on his knee which explained the swelling and the slight unsoundness. I started him on RHVE and after a month the swelling from his knee was completely gone and he is sound. I do look forward to bringing him back into work soon.

    My mum has started on Rose-Hip Vital aswell, mum is a keen sewer and loves making quilts. Mum sews most nights in her spare time, hand sewing and machine sewing. Rose-Hip has helped the joints in her fingers and has kept them agile for the fiddly parts of hand sewing. Mum is now recommending her sewing friends the benefits of Rose-Hip Vital.

  • Sharyn Symonds, Dressage Specialist
    Sharyn Symonds, Dressage Specialist

    Dear Rose-Hip Vital Equine, Just wanted to say OMG I cannot believe the difference in my horse after just 3 weeks on this product. He has ringbone in his off hind and I manage it with special shoe/pentosan every 6 weeks. We are a competitive level 1 combination in HRCAV (Horse Riding Clubs Association Victoria) and despite my good management with the above and regular visits from an acupuncturist there was always an element of stiffness to our work. I cannot believe the difference I feel in him in just 3 weeks!! Like riding a totally different horse!!! He was due for his pentosan injection last week and usually by the 6 week mark comes around he feels stiffer than he usually is but not this time. Thank you for a fantastic product and my horse thanks you too!! Feel free to use this recommendation if you like. Kind regards Sharyn Symonds & Aldebaran Admeyer (Flash)

    12 month update, May 2015:

    Where does the time go!! Today I walked into the feed room and noticed a date on the whiteboard. That date was written almost 12 months ago and marked the day that I started flash on Rosehip Vital Equine!! So with that in mind I thought I’d put pen to paper and give you all an update on how Flash is going.

    Over the last few months we have been training hard to improve our marks and be more competitive at HRCAV level 1 which we pointed up to late last year. This in itself was a huge achievement having started only 18 months prior in level 4. To become more competitive at this level a higher degree of collection is required which means Flash has to carry more weight on his hind legs. This of course worried me at first as it is his off hind that has ringbone in it which is the very reason that flash was first started on Rosehip Vital Equine.  Well like every other report I have written. I am pleased to say that despite having to carry more weight on the affected limb Flash remains 100% sound with the use of only Rosehip Vital Equine!!!

    Flash and I have been out and about over the past few weeks competing and each time he has felt super and we have enjoyed some great results!!

    At the HRCAV individual championships we were 2nd in both level 1 tests and came runner up in the jackpot.  Then it was onto the masters games where we competed at elementary level and won 2 silver medals. Boneo park was our next outing and after 2 rounds of competition on separate days we were declared the HRCAV level 1 CHAMPIONS for the Autumn series.

    Flash will take a well earned break for a few weeks now as winter sets in but we will be back out there in late August so if you see us out and about please come say hello and if you have any questions about Rosehip Vital don’t hesitate to ask me. It truly is an amazing product for which Flash & I are very grateful for.

    Until next time….

    Happy riding

    Sharyn & Flash


    July 2015:

    A few years ago a work colleague convinced me that I really needed a Shetland to help mow the lawns!! Having never owned a small horse little did I realise that they run on the smell of an oily rag and before long little muffin as she is affectionately known was not looking so little!!! My husband built some smaller paddocks and lock ups so that I could manage her weight and grazing time but in spring last year, despite my best efforts muffin developed laminitis.  At first it was suttle and she just seemed to be sitting down more than normal but a week later she was standing rocking back on her hind legs in what is the typical stance of a horse/pony that has laminitis.

    Part of her management included the use of bute and almost 12 months on despite her recovery she was still requiring bute daily in order to be comfortable and get up and move. I use Rosehip vital equine on both my competition horses and given its anti-inflammatory properties I decided that I would start muffin on it.  The difference in only 2 weeks was amazing!! And by the time she finished the loading dose I had stopped the bute altogether and she was trotting the fence line and carrying on like a pork chop, something she had not done in a very long time!!

    Muffin has been on Rosehip vital for about 2 months now and she continues to improve all the time. Just yesterday I let her out for a quick run with my other horses and she ran around bucking and kicking like a naughty little child.

    Muffin will require very strict management for the rest of her life but to know that what I am giving her is natural and much kinder to her stomach than bute makes me feel very happy about my choice to try Rosehip vital for a laminitic pony.

    Thanks again Rosehip vital 😉

  • Sydney Evans, NSW Youth Development Squad
    Sydney Evans, NSW Youth Development Squad

    My name’s Sydney, I’m 16 and I have been riding for 14 years and competing EFA Dressage for over 6 years. I am currently on the NSW Youth Development Squad and am incredibly lucky to be sponsored by Rosehip Vital Equine and Horseland Terrey Hills.

    I started riding when I was just 2 years old, coming from a horse experienced family I have always had mum (Rachelle Evans) to teach me all the ins and outs of what I know now. Having this background I was always on horses that grew my confidence and learnt on so I am very grateful for this. I have had some super ponies that have taught me so much and led me to where I currently am.

    My main competition pony is ‘Dara Park Tequila Sunrise’ (Sunny). Sunny is an 8 year old Welsh/Arab/Riding pony who I competing medium level and training some advanced movements. We have been training Sunny since he was three years old, so I was privileged to compete in all of the Young pony classes which was an invaluable experience. My coach of 7 years Deirdre stock has contributed to all of sunny’s successes and without her we both wouldn’t be where we are heading now. Sunny has won numerous state and national titles in the past few years but overall he has the biggest heart and personality to match and is such a pleasure to own and have in our lives.

    Sunny has been on RoseHip Vital about a year now and since he has been on this supplement we have noticed that he has maintained his soundness no matter what surface we have put him on, his coat is immaculate and skin is very healthy, he hasn’t had a cold or cough since he has been on it as well. We feel that it is a huge benefit to have him in rose hip vital equine and is paramount to his future dressage career as I would like to one day compete him at Grand Prix level.

    In our horsey clan we also have our family stallion ‘Belcam Geldof’ (Bronson) using rose hip vital equine for approximately 12 months. Bronson is an FEI stallion, training Grand Prix but has had multiple severe tendon injuries, enough to consider retirement.  Since he has be on Rose hip vital equine his soundness has not faulted and his overall wellbeing has dramatically improved. Bronson is 18 years old and we feel that this product has given his longevity in his dressage career with the aim to compete at grand prix in the future.

    We can’t thank Rosehip vital enough for supplying us with such a successful and fantastic product!

  • Katrina Milwood, Dressage Specialist
    Katrina Milwood, Dressage Specialist

    It was only 18 months ago that fellow sponsored rider Lizzie Wilson Fellows suggested Rose-Hip Vital Equine for Delta and we haven’t looked back. Even able to take her off Pentosan with amazement at seeing her start to use her hindquarters, in particular her off side hind properly again. Her whole demeanor also changed. Gone was the temperamental, moody mare who was competing Elementary/Medium and in her place a happier, easy going horse who finished this year with Advanced Championships, two starts at Prix St George and showing a lot of talent as a small tour horse. I can’t recommend Rose-Hip Vital any higher…..amazing product. We will also be starting our young horse on it as a preventative.

    Katrina Millward

  • Sue McDermott, NCAS Coach and Racehorse Owner
    Sue McDermott, NCAS Coach and Racehorse Owner

    It has been 4 months since I purchased my first lot of Rose-Hip Vital Equine. I have also included my family both immediate and extended who have all been taking the human version of the product for the same time.

    By way of background I have a horse based business, agistment, breeding (warmbloods, and thoroughbreds), coaching, and competing both with dressage horses and as a racehorse owner.

    I personally have never used a feed additive for my horses, principally because of my clients who feed many and varied feed additive supplements I have never seen one indicator either in their appearance or in their way of going or working to indicate any improvement or benefit or otherwise.

    The horses that I put on the product were as follows:

    – An aged dressage horse with no noticeable soundness issues often tricky to ride and with contact issues at times

    – A young dressage horse with no soundness issues

    – An aged show horse with some minor soundness issues

    – An aged dressage horse with arthritic changes in the knees and hocks

    – Incumblonde a racehorse mare some ability, has had a consistent skin rash

    – Deux Foix a horse with ability, some soundness issues

    An aged warmblood stallion (northern ariel) arthritic deterioration in the hocks

    The results are

    Horse number 1 started in winter as they all did, after 2 weeks there was a considerable change in the horses coat condition it looked like a summer coat. To ride he felt amazing very soft and supple and considerably less issues with the contact.

    Horse number 2 similarly his coat bloomed, he did start to feel very well, and I had to reduce his food intake, he is competing successfully with wins at official novice level.

    Horse number 3 again the coat improved within a couple of weeks, and watching her being worked she was clearly more comfortable in her action than I had seen previously.

    Horse number 4 again the coat condition was the first indicator, she is a horse that is on pentosan, so apart from the healthier appearance I haven’t noticed a difference in her way of going.


    Incumblonde has raced successfully to wins and placings during the time she has been on the product, and the rash that she has had for over a year has gone.

    Deux Foix has returned to racing for 2 wins and placings.

    I am aware of another horse in our trainer’s stables that has had quite a form reversal since commencing on the rosehip vital equine, and has notched up several wins since going on the product. The stallion has struggled in recent years to serve the taller mares, we are part the way through the stud season, and not only does he look magnificent, but he is definitely appears more comfortable bearing weight on his hocks even with the tall mares.

    As for the humans all are reporting increased energy and mobility. I believe Rose-Hip Vital Equine does what it says it does, and I will continue to use the product both for the horses and for myself.


    Sue Mcdermott

    Ncas coach

    Forest Hill Stud

  • Louise Curran, Dressage Specialist
    Louise Curran, Dressage Specialist

    I’m a dressage rider whose passion for the sport is currently somewhat greater than her ability.  I’m working on the ability part but, as a “mature” rider (at least in body if not in outlook) I find that the day to day demands of keeping two dressage horses in work, combined with time at my desk and days on my feet in my professional life as a consultant and trainer mean that the body sometimes just doesn’t feel up to the demands I make on it.  I’m committed to putting the work in but with a body aching and hurting in very inconvenient places (back, hips, shoulders, and pretty much everything connected to them), it can be a struggle.  Up to now, my routine pre-ride was to pop enough ibuprofen to deal with the pain and to hell with the consequences afterward.  Riding is my passion, and my release, and no pain was going to stop me doing what I love!

    About four months ago, one day while working at my desk, Roger Fitzhardinge popped up on my computer, (I suspect I was live streaming a dressage event while I was supposedly working) extolling the virtues of Rosehip Vital.  He sounded very convincing but it all seemed just a bit too good to be true.   However, my interest was piqued and I started to research Rosehip Vital; the more I found out, the more interested I became until I finally succumbed and bought a bottle of the Rosehip Vital with GOPO capsules to try out.

    At this point I should note that I’m a dreadful sceptic when it comes to supplements for either me or for my horses and while I really hoped that the claims about Rosehip Vital would be true, I was still very sceptical.

    Not only were all the claims I’d read true, I’m actually tempted to say that they were understating the benefits!  I’ve been amazed and delighted at the affect it’s had.  No more ibuprofen – I now have a body that can do what I want it to do easily and without pain.  For the first time in years I can get serious about fitness (I can run again – I don’t like it but I can do it!) and instead of feeling like a crippled octogenarian after riding two horses, I could now happily ride another one.

    The next logical step was to consider that my two 13 year old dressage horses, who work hard and are starting to train some of the higher level movements, might be feeling just like I was.  If I felt so much better, how good would it be if they could feel the same?  So, they were the next guinea pigs and both started on Rosehip Vital in early April.

    As noted on the packaging, it took around 4 weeks at the loading dose to make a discernible difference but by week four both horses were moving more freely, felt more supple and were generally happier in their work.

    We’re now three months down the track and I’m thrilled to say that the improvement has continued.  Jed, my 16hh chestnut warmblood with a great work ethic, is finding the movements we’re working on much easier and is starting to perform them with some competence when the rider sorts herself out and gives the right aids.  Gandalf, my 16.2hh grey warmblood with a chequered history, is the happiest I’ve seen him.  From a horse who would hardly move when he came to me two years ago, I now have a happy athlete who is proving to have some real talent and is happier to work harder.  He’s a complete nut in the paddock and it’s a joy to see a horse galloping and bucking just for the sheer pleasure of it.  If he decided to display his exuberance that way while I was riding, I might not be quite so enthusiastic; thankfully he’s a gentleman under saddle!

    Perhaps the most exciting thing is that Rosehip Vital Equine has meant that our training, which has always been two steps forward, one, two or even three steps back, is now moving inexorably forward without the setbacks of stiffness and soreness for any of us.  Sure, there are times when my muscles are screaming out after a couple of intense rides and I’m sure that both horses are the same but that’s just a case of fitness and building the right muscle function and capability to cope with the work.  Muscles can be managed relatively easily.

    While my main focus has been on the mobility enhancing properties of Rosehip Vital, I’ve also noticed an effect in terms of general health benefits for both my horses.  Their coats are gleaming and have come back in better than ever before after being clipped this year and they generally look a picture of health and wellbeing.

    I’d love to say that I look younger and more glamorous and gorgeous than ever before but Rosehip Vital is a natural anti-inflammatory, nutritional supplement for joint health and general wellbeing, not a miracle powder!

    Thank goodness I overcame my scepticism and gave Rosehip Vital a go – I’m fitter and feel great, my horses are fitter and obviously happier in the paddock and at work and we’re all set to get out there again and start competing again after a two year break.  Now that’s a scary thought!

  • Kim Kelly, State Show Champion & Dressage rider
    Kim Kelly, State Show Champion & Dressage rider

    I thought receiving a communications internship from Rose-Hip Vital was my lucky break, it turned out that it was my horse Fox’s lucky break too! When I started with Rose-hip Vital in August last year Fox was three weeks out of colic surgery having battled through several colic episodes during the four months prior, giving us no choice but to resort to surgery. These episodes of varying severity and the surgery to correct what turned out to be a partial twist of the large bowel took an enormous toll on Fox’s body. To add to this, his body rejected the stitches which began a series of minor infections at the site which were remedied only with bute and antibiotics taking approximately one week to heal each time and causing Fox even greater pain and discomfort during that time.

    On starting my internship with Rose-Hip Vital I was lucky enough to be given a bucket of Rose-Hip Vital Equine to trial on Fox. Having worked my way through all the product information, testimonials and scientific research to familiarise myself with the product on my first day in the office, I couldn’t wait to get it into his feed and see if it worked for myself, hoping it would provide him with the anti-inflammatory and immune system support he so desperately needed at this time. Expecting to see only a slow and gradual change in Fox I was completely shocked when after only one week I witnessed the incredible impact of Rose-Hip Vital Equine when Fox had an infection at the site of the stitches for the third time. On this occasion however, it grew to nothing more then a bit of soreness and redness and within 24 hours it was gone. No bute, no antibiotics and not another week of further discomfort for Fox. I couldn’t believe the immediacy and the enormity of the impact of Rose-Hip Vital Equine. Not only did it put the brakes on this infection but it was also the last infection he had.

    Fox continued to improve quickly over the following weeks and months. His coat, weight, energy and personality returning to reveal the healthy and happy horse we had known before his first bout of colic. When it finally came to bringing him back into work I expected him to lack energy and to struggle with recovery after each ride. But again I was surprised to discover that quite the opposite! Fox felt as though he had the energy and stamina that he possessed when in peak condition. He was happy and willing and felt like we hadn’t missed a days riding, let alone 9 months worth! Even after work he was bright and happy and ready to go again next time. I couldn’t believe it and had to keep reminding myself that he actually was unfit and out of condition and to take it easy because you certainly couldn’t tell by riding or looking at him! Rose-Hip Vital Equine was definitely doing its job!

    Nearly 16 months on from surgery Fox continues to blossom. He is happier and healthier then ever and back out competing in the show and dressage arenas, constantly receiving comments from people on how well he looks. This product has given me back my content, healthy horse, providing Fox with the support he needed to return to full health and work and I don’t know if that would have been possible without Rose-Hip Vital Equine.

    Thank you to Rose-Hip Vital for the incredible opportunities you have given me and Fox. It is a great feeling to have peace of mind knowing that my horses have the support of a natural and effective supplement for their ongoing joint health and wellbeing.
    Kim K

  • Miriam Coleman, Dressage Specialist
    Miriam Coleman, Dressage Specialist

    In May 2014 I attended a Rose Hip Vital with GOPO seminar in Hobart. It was organised by my coach Lydia Jackson of Kingston Agistment and Training Centre as she was very excited about this product . I listened intently and I went home with a goody bag including 250 RHV tablets.  I am a later converter to many new innovations and before I would try RHV on my FEI horse Sunbury Lodge Toronto, I thought I would try RHV on myself first.  I took the loading dose and then another month of RHV caplets.  I noticed the impact of RHV on my wellbeing when I STOPPED taking them.  My energy levels decreased, I injured my calf muscle, my knee joints started protest and I just didn’t feel as well as I did when I was taking them.  It took me a few weeks to realise it but when I did I went straight back on to RHV and I haven’t looked back. I have recently run my first half – marathon, injury free ( I only started training for it in November),  my energy levels are back where they need to be and my troublesome knees don’t give me any grief.

    In early Dec 2014 I started Sunbury Lodge Toronto (Tiny) on his loading course of RHVE.  By January I already noticed many changes. His coat and skin had improved and his windgalls (he has many being 17 years young) had reduced in size. However the most noticeable change was in his work, in particular the quality of his medium and extended trot has improved immensely.   Sunday we achieved a great result in our new foray into the Medium Tour with a great score in the Inter A, it would have to be our best test ever.  I have no doubt that I can attribute Tiny’s fitness, wellbeing, recovery and general health to the addition of RHVE to his regime.

    Thank you RHVE I don’t know where we would be without this great product.

  • Adam Vellere, Advanced Prix St George Dressage
    Adam Vellere, Advanced Prix St George Dressage

    Rarity is an 11year old Warmblood mare, currently competing at Advanced Prix St George Dressage with Adam Vellere. Rarity had a nasty leg injury when she was 7. She got her hind leg stuck in a wire fence. She had many months off and it was a slow recovery. Rarity is also quite a ‘moody mare’, she can be very cranky to ride and to handle on the ground.
    We have tried many different remedies and products to no avail. I heard about Rose Hip Vital Equine, at Equitana, where I had a chat with Justin who gave me some product to try. Within 3 weeks I had really noticed a difference. Rarity has to be stabled at night as she also suffers from the Itch. This results in her hind leg swelling from the old injury, and a snotty nose from the dust. In the 3 weeks she stopped getting the snotty nose and her leg was nowhere near as filled as it used to be.

    The longer she has been on Rose Hip Vital Equine, I have noticed that not only has her coat improved and grown back from the Itch, her whole temperament and work ethic has changed. Rarity has gone from a ‘won’t do it’ mare, to a ‘ok let’s do this’ mare. We have been able to take our training up a gear and she feels much more supple and is actually enjoying her work. She is also much much friendlier and her PMT appears to be under control.

    Rarity is not on any other supplements, other than the Rose hip Vital Equine, and I can honestly say that I believe it has worked wonders for her. I have also put my up and coming young horse on the product and my 18 year old Grand Prix horse, Moscow, who has just been picked for the National and State Young Rider squad.

    I have even started our 15 year old cattle dog on Rose hip Vital Canine. She was having trouble with the stairs and generally a little bit stiff. She is now much happier and running around with the other puppies.

    I recommend Rose Hip Vital Equine to all of my clients and agistees. It’s natural, non-swabbable and above all it works!!

  • Tim Boland, Elite Australian Eventer
    Tim Boland, Elite Australian Eventer

    To win my horses need to not only be supreme athletes but to be feeling at the top of their powers. With Rose-Hip Vital Equine as part of their diet I am confident that I have left no stone unturned for them to operate at their athletic best. GV Billy Elliot has been on Rosehip for 2 years now and I am thrilled with the results.

    My vet, who I respect greatly, told me that there was a new product being tested on horses that had produced stunning results in dogs and humans, to see if I was interested to give it a go. I am always sceptical as people are always trying to sell me something as the new miracle drug. Of course most of these slip into obscurity. My vet was insistent and I am glad she was. I have a large team of eventers who all live on Rose-Hip Vital Equine as part of their training regime. I have several with joint complaints and recurring lameness that appear to have settled following 3 months of Rosehip. My best horse GV Billy Elliot has no soundness problems but I was recommended Rosehip to use as a preventative source of inflammation and joint damage.  So far so good. He has remained very sound. The added bonus I have found with Billy who is traditionally a fussy eater is that Rosehip mixed in the feed is a fantastic appetite stimulant. We just found this out by accident. It shows clearly that unlike a lot of other joint powders horses love Rosehip. Further to making my horses operate to their best, I have now started taking the human job which is equally effective. I have well developed joint problems after many years with many falls and a lot of broken bones. Rose-Hip Vital has been a great assistance to me and my team and I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to win.

    In planning for the future I have taken my young team of advanced horses to England to prepare for an assault on the big events and ultimately the Olympics at Rio in 2016. Apart from the horses and the necessary gear, it was imperative to me to make absolutely certain that I could take enough Rose-Hip Vital Equine with me to last for the season. It is a very important asset for my team. Over here there are many good horses and riders plying their trade on the world stage so you need an advantage. My advantage is Rose-Hip Vital Equine.

    After I returned from England with GV Billy Elliot, who was travelling reserve for the London Olympics, I was approached by my vet to try a new product. She had said there were spectacular results with dogs and horses. I was of course sceptical as we are often approached to try and buy new products. The vast majority are a waste of time and money. Rose-Hip Vital Equine is different. Very different!

    Before London, Billy lost a lot of weight and wouldn’t eat. With Rose-Hip Vital Equine as part of his diet he eats everything. We have only been here in England 3 weeks so far and he is the same weight as before we left. Great result! He looks and feels fantastic. Rose-Hip Vital Equine keeps my team sound and moving freely. Best of all it doesn’t swab. My whole team are on it and I am very happy with the results.

    I urge all horse lovers to include Rose-Hip Vital Equine in their diet, especially if you want to leave no stone unturned and have your horses in the best possible shape to win. It will not just be another mumbo jumbo additive. It really works.

  • Kate Taylor-Wheat, Grand Prix Dressage Rider
    Kate Taylor-Wheat, Grand Prix Dressage Rider

    “Oscar B has now been on Rose-Hip Vital Equine for 7 months. Since the initial improvement in his suppleness and well-being, I have now noticed I can increase work levels in our training sessions and really work hard on movements he has struggled with over the years without the worry of damaging his legs or brain as now he is feeling so fit and strong and loving his work. I’m just so excited to be enjoying our daily training sessions. Oscar has taught me so much our partnership has been 15 years long and I love the enthusiasm he has for work at the minute even as he turns 18 this year.
    Flowervale Florenz is the young man of my stable but is a big powerful horse. This time 12 months ago he had never even competed in a dressage test! Now he is about to have his first medium start. Since being on Rose-Vital Equine, I have noticed improvements in the condition of his coat and feet, along with his suppleness and strength during work. As Florenz’s work level becomes more demanding of him both physically and mentally, I have really noticed how well he is recovering from these sessions each time.
    You know you have a happy horse when they are so enthusiastic to work each day. I believe Rose-Hip Vital works on all aspects of the horse the help them become supple, strong, fit and happy horses whether for competition or pleasure we only want the best for our four legged friends. Since seeing my horses and my clients horses flourish on Rose-Hip Vital Equine, I began taking it myself. It’s been great to be able to experience myself, why the horses feel so good on the Rose-Hip Vital. Even after days of increased physical workload I wake up with no pain in my joints ready for the day ahead.
    I also put my dog on Rose-Hip Vital Canine. She was kicked as a puppy and has developed chronic arthritis in her back leg. She has been very lame on it for the past couple of years, however after only being on the Rose-Hip for a short period of time, to my amazement she was back to running around with the other dogs again. From horses to dogs to humans Rose-Hip Vital really looks after my whole family.”

    Six weeks ago I started feeding Rosehip Vital Equine to my Grand Prix dressage horse, Oscar B. The sport of dressage is very demanding on a horses body especially their joints and muscles. As Oscar B is now 17, his body over the past few years has struggled with the physical demands required of an elite Grand Prix Dressage horse. Since using Rosehip Vital Equine, I have noticed a marked improvement in Oscar’s suppleness, soundness and wellbeing, with less recovery needed between training sessions. People cannot believe that he is 17. I have been so impressed with the results on Oscar B that I am now using Rosehip Vital Equine on all of my competition horses with great results. I highly recommend this product.

  • Teneille Little, Champion Barrel Racer
    Teneille Little, Champion Barrel Racer

    I just wanted to let you know how awesome I think your product is, I have been totally won over by it!!!! I started my 7 yr old Barrel Racing horse Black Power on it over a month ago in preparation for our Pro Christmas run of rodeos. I have noticed a more fluent action in his gates and also a much happier, healthier horse. We competed in a total of 6 rodeos held over 11 days, we won 3 and placed 5th in another 2.

    Thanks for making such a quality product available to us horsey people, love it!!!!

  • Shannon Betts, Emeran Park Thoroughbred Spelling and Rehabilitation
    Shannon Betts, Emeran Park Thoroughbred Spelling and Rehabilitation

    Rose-Hip Vital Equine has become a key component of our rehabilitation programs. We were first recommended to try the product by one of our vets and have since incorporated it into the feeds of all our racing thoroughbreds with joint issues. We have noted definite improvements in lameness especially with horses suffering from palmar and plantar condylar disease.

  • Danielle Weymark - Para Dressage Rider
    Danielle Weymark - Para Dressage Rider

    My name is Danielle Weymark, I am a grade 2 para dressage rider. I started my 9 year old mare Champagne on Rose-Hip Vital Equine just after she got diagnosed with degenerative joint disease after suddenly pulling up lame at a competition.
    I’ve proudly trained Champagne myself and we were preparing for our first ever interstate competition and WEG qualifier. So when I received the bad news that she had to have at least 4 months sitting in the paddock, I was gutted. So at very short notice I borrowed a horse from his generous owner for the event.
    When I returned Champagne was galloping around her paddock bucking and leaping. After just 3 weeks on RHVE she was as sound as could be! So we decided to get her checked over by our trusted vet and she was given the all clear to be bought back into work over 3 months early! I was over the moon and now we could start preparing for the second WEG qualifier which was again in VIC. Champagne’s joint handled her first overnight trip with ease and we went on to win the pleasing result of Grade 2 Champions with qualifying scores! I’m so pleased with the results of Rose-Hip Vital Equine! Now I have my horse back and she’s happier and healthier than ever!

  • Gayna Williams - Premiership Winning Country Racehorse Trainer, Gulgong NSW
    Gayna Williams - Premiership Winning Country Racehorse Trainer, Gulgong NSW

    Just wanted to let you know how pleased I am with results from the trial packs of Rosehips you sent. I trialled the Rosehips with 2 horses. One horse has been plagued with joint issues from day one & the other has a touch of laminitis. I ride my own work & I cannot believe how much better they both feel. They are both due to resume in the next few weeks. I have been able to decrease the use of Pentosan with these two horses since having them on the RHVE.  They are very bright and their coats look great. No coughs, colds or any other issues. I am really convinced RHVE is benefiting them. I only trialled RHVE on two horses as I thought a couple of horses would benefit from being on the trial longer than too many horses being on a short trial. The two horses I chose have really put RHVE to the test…which is what I really wanted. I could not be more pleased with the results. Thank you for allowing me to trial the product. I am now a convert.

  • Tori Henderson, Mooloolah QLD
    Tori Henderson, Mooloolah QLD

    My name is Tori Henderson and I currently have a team of three show jumping horses and am based on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Without a doubt the top priority for me as a rider and carer for my horses is to assure they are feeling the best they can in order to perform the best they can. This is particularly important to me for my Gymnstik Star mare, Kinnordy Garcia who is a 7 year old Warmblood who has only recently made her way to our stables at the start of this year. She is a very exciting new prospect for me and I have done extensive research in supplements and brands in order to give her the best on the market. This was particularly important for me as she has come from NSW up to Queensland where some of our biggest shows are on some of the hardest surfaces in Australia. Since trialing her on Rose-Hip Vital joint supplements about 4 months ago she has noticeably felt more comfortable making the transition to competing on these surfaces.

    For me, the most important aspect in bringing up a young horse is to give them the confidence. With the help of Rose-Hip Vital she does not hesitate when approaching a fence in fear that the landing is going to hurt. Recently we have attended the run of Grand prix shows in here in Queensland where she started in all of the Bronze/Future Stars classes and made qualification deadlines and comfortably jumping courses up to 1.35m with all of the comfortability and confidence in the world thanks to Rose-Hip Vital.

    Not only have we found Rose-Hip Vital beneficial to horses in current work but with an injured horse we have. Another competition horse of mine, Graphic Design was diagnosed with nerve paralysis in his shoulder and was told to have 1 year off. 9 months down the track he has made a vast improvement that has left vets jaw dropped and has given him the go ahead to be brought back into work early. Our theory that Rose-Hip Vital has played a very big part in his recovery has been further backed up by the professional following his progress.

    Another horse of ours that has been benefitted by Rose-Hip Vital is my first pony Red, a 35 year old riding pony that can no longer eat hay and until a few months ago, could no longer break out of a stiff trot. It is with great pleasure that we can now watch him attempt to keep up when the other horses play and even throw in a buck every now and then! As he has been such an important part of our family we have always tried all kinds of variations of supplements to help his severe arthritis and have not noticed such a dramatic difference in his behaviour with any other supplement.

    The next adventure for me and my horses is the Australian Showjumping Championships in September which I have high expectations of as I trust my horses will be feeling their best in the lead up and when attending the event all thanks to Rose-Hip Vital!

  • Madi from Sydney, NSW
    Madi from Sydney, NSW

    “Rose-Hip Vital Equine was suggested to me from a friend of mine. I started giving Holly rose hip vital 5 months ago, as I was afraid she wasn’t ready for winter, she can’t keep weight on all too well. She was also starting to get arthritic pain.

    After 2 weeks of 2 feeds with rose hip vital, I noticed her galloping around her paddock, whining when she would see us & canter up to the gates. After 4 weeks she was gaining weight & her coat & hooves improved immensely. I was given Holly from my parents for Christmas in 1999, she was an old breeding mare.

    She was the best riding pony to learn on completely ‘bomb’ proof as everyone would say. We would go trail riding, jumping, & galloping around the property. I made the decision to retire holly after we found out her real age ~ 39 (at the time), We were told she was a 19 year old by the previous owners. Holly had adopted our pet goats & sheep, she followed them everywhere.

    She is such a placid & beautiful natured pony. She loves little kids, my 1 year old nephew & the neighbourhood kids always come & give her carrots & a pat. So thankyou rose hip vital for giving my old girl a healthier life – an extremely happy customer!

  • Charlotte from Macedon, VIC
    Charlotte from Macedon, VIC

    I have now been using Rosehip Vital and Rosehip Vital Equine for about 8 weeks. I have definitely seen and felt some changes on both myself and my young horse Jazzmin.
    I have had a back issue, been fit a long time , and it flared up again after Christmas. Despite going to physio every week, it did not get any better. But since I have taken Rosehip Vital, I have had no back issues, and also feeling much better in myself.
    I have also felt a big improvement in Jazzmin(6 y old mare,by Jazz!!!) She can be a bit flighty and spooky, but she seems to be a lot calmer and happier in herself. She also used to feel a bit uneven, when I first would trot, but that has completely disappeared.
    Having only used it for 8 weeks, I’m looking forward to continue with Rosehip Vital, both for me and my horses.
    I also told my husband, Rob, to take some. And he found that he is feeling much better overall, as he always gets colds over winter, but has not had any yet!!!

  • Millicent Ashton from Acton Park, TAS
    Millicent Ashton from Acton Park, TAS

    I just wanted to give you an update re my gelding and Rosehip vital. Absolute difference! Two national and international coaches/riders have said how much freer he looks and his work ethic has completely changed – forward and willing! Much looser and softer, less stiffness and easier to supple and loosen up in his work. I haven’t had to give him a pentosan injection either as he feels that different! Many thanks and absolutely stoked Millie”

  • Felicia - Callala Bay, NSW
    Felicia - Callala Bay, NSW

    This is Nikshar Nomination or nom to us he is owned by a wonderful friend of mine Nicole. Both Nicole and Nom have represented Australia at many para events with fantastic results. But due to her illness gradually getting worse she is unable to ride him any more. Nom is an 18 year old Dutch warmblood and Nicole has given me a wonderful opportunity to ride and compeate him at both dressage and showing. He had been out of work for a while and it was a gradual process of bringing him back into work and I found him to be quite stiff and ridged in his movements, I had tried a few joint supplements which all worked to an extent but I thought he needed a little more help with his work load increasing. I had herd good results from Rose Hip Vital and decided to give it a go with a bit of help from there team. The result are fantastic he is remarkably freer in his movement and a lot happier in his work. I would like to thank the rose hip vital team for all there help, support and patience.

  • Dorothea - Grose Vale, NSW
    Dorothea - Grose Vale, NSW

    “My vet suggested that I put my two middle-aged dressage mares on Rosehip-Vital. On X-ray both showed signs of early arthritic changes and we included Rosehip-Vital as part of an overall management plan. I am very happy that a year later, both horses are sound and happy, both are competing regularly and going great. They also look amazing.”

  • Sara - Tuerong, VIC
    Sara - Tuerong, VIC

    ROSEHIP VITAL has been an essential part of our feeding program for the last 6 months and after seeing the all-round improvement in the horses general wellbeing and condition it will remain an essential part of their ongoing maintenance program.
    Both Matilda’s horses have done lots of miles and are at a stage where, as showjumpers they are starting to feel their age. Since using ROSEHIP VITAL Todd (Dreamtime Invader) is looking and feeling better than ever. He started the year winning the Victorian State Young Rider Title and then went up to Sydney for the Sydney Royal Easter Show and SIEC Weekend Of World Cups, he copes with the travel and heavy workload much better with the help of RHV. He is such a special horse and we want to do everything we can to keep him sound for as long as possible, we believe ROSEHIP VITAL will help keep him at the top of his game for longer. We have just retired Matildas’ other horse Janey (Eliza Jane) from serious competition as we feel she has done a fantastic job for Matilda and its time for her to teach someone else the ropes, ROSEHIP VITAL will continue to be part of her program with her new rider as it definitely helps her warm up much looser and look and feel more comfortable. She will eventually come home to be an Aunt to the babies!
    I cant imaging not including RHV in any of our horses diets after seeing the obvious difference in their before and after condition.

  • Adrienne - Advance Town, QLD
    Adrienne - Advance Town, QLD

    Ranger the horse.
    16years ago we purchased Ranger a 5 year old for our daughter to compete on. He has represented Queensland and became a successful Showjumper and Eventer. He has been retired now for a few years but she still rides him occasionally. Some months ago he suffered bouts of Colic and was
    starting to look poorly. Some buckets of Rose Hip Vital had been given to our vet to trial. He chose Ranger as an obvious candidate and we commenced giving him this supplement. Within a week he was back to his usual arrogant self and after one bucket his demeanour was that of a much younger horse. It was obvious in his movement, coat and eye.
    I have since commenced our 27 year old on the supplement and to see them kicking up their heels in the paddock is wonderful and a sight to behold. Thankyou Rose Hip Vital.

  • Rachel - Cedargrove, QLD
    Rachel - Cedargrove, QLD

    Sorry I have been meaning to get back to you guys. This is Bailey my 6year old QH. Before I started using your product I didn’t think I’d ever ride him again due to many issues. After 3 weeks on Rose-Hip Vital I started him in light work and this pic is from last Sunday at a dressage comp 6 weeks on Rose-Hip 2 x 1st place and a 2nd place. Don’t think about trying just try it!!!

  • Sue - Gelorup, WA
    Sue - Gelorup, WA

    Wanting also to update you on the progress of my 28 year old retired horse. Started him on the loading dose 10 days ago and have my farrier to him today. Generally he finds it had to do his feet and does them leading on the toe of his (farriers) boot, well today he did them on the stand with no trouble at all!!! Farrier was amazed and on leaving all he could say that if he didn’t see it with his own eyes he wouldn’t believe it.

    The results of Rosehip Vital are amazing. A very happy owner and horse. Yesterday he was rearing up playing with our 5 year old playing. He is now on the maintenance dosage 🙂

  • Toni - Bargo, NSW
    Toni - Bargo, NSW

    My mare suffered a very nasty injury after she impaled herself on a star picket. I knew that she needed every support I could give her during the healing process and I put her straight onto Equine Rosehip Vital. Initially, as the wound was so great, progress was slow but she remained healthy and in good spirits, despite the daily needling and confinement. Within a couple of weeks she looked the picture of glowing health and I know the rosehips were boosting her immune system, purifying her blood and facilitating in the reduction of inflammation and promoting overall healing. I am convinced that the rapid and complete healing is largely due to this supplement and I highly recommend it for every horse.

  • Evie - Hampton, VIC
    Evie - Hampton, VIC

    Sorry I took so long to get this to you! Pepper was great on the weekend, very enthusiastic dressage (a bit too much energy) but she managed a clear round in show jumping and cross country, feeling better than ever!
    I’ve been giving Rose-Hip Vital Equine to my 22 year old Appaloosa mare Pepper for around 6 weeks. I had noticed her hind hocks were clicking each step and she was feeling a bit stiff, so decided to try this product. After about 4 weeks Pepper’s legs had improved so much that I hardly ever heard a click and was able to ride her more frequently for longer periods of time. Pepper was feeling so good I decided to enter her in our first 2 day event at Ballarat since November 2013. Pepper performed as if she was in the prime of her life, jumping clear show jumping and cross country under time, recovering very quickly as well. I am very happy with Rose-Hip Vital so am now using it on my 4yo WB as well who absolutely loves it and eats the parts of her hard feed sprinkled with RHVE first!
    The rate of growth of Pepper’s hooves have also increased since being on Rose-Hip Vital Equine, improving the overall quality of them.

  • Ian - Facebook
    Ian - Facebook

    A bit of background. We have a mix of performance, brood mare, retired and young stock at home. We have recently introduced our two performance horses to your product. My wife’s horse Ego Centrepiece (Artie) is competing at one star level in eventing. He is a 10 year old warmblood and use of Rosehip Vital Equine is essentially preventative at this stage and maintenance given eventing can be quite stressful on joints. My mare competes a bit of dressage and Show Jumping. Garuscha(Woosha) is warmblood but rising 17yo. Given her age she has been taking longer to bounce back from work and getting stiff and sore which results in a bit of jarring in her gait which further effects her performance. For her we introduced Rosehip Vital Equine as a repair intervention to stiffness and hopefully maintenance/prevention going forward. At this stage Woosha seems to be have responded with more flexibility in work however biggest improvement is in recovery post work or competition allowing her to back up next day. Artie is the large black warmblood with little white star on forehead, Narelle rides in blue and yellow outfit cross country. She was recently part of Gary Lung clinic featured in The Horse Magazine. Woosha is bay with big white blaze down face and two back white socks.

  • Jennifer - Leumeah, NSW
    Jennifer - Leumeah, NSW

    This is Cogo Longshots’ story about Rosehip Vital Equine.
    Longy is a 15.2hh 16yo Stockhorse gelding. My daughter has owned him for five wonderful years. They both enjoy jumping even if he did rush at the jumps. A couple of years ago, we noticed that Longy started to kick out when approaching a jump, to which we thought it was his jump boots, then his saddle, which we replaced with a brand new one. Unfortunately his behaviour deteriorated and we were at a loss. My husband and I first met Justin from Rosehip Vital at Equitana Sydney when we were on the lookout for a supplement of some kind for Longy. Being a sceptic, I reluctantly tried it at home with Longshot out of pure desperation. Surprisingly his behaviour improved. No more kicking out, pigrooting and misbehaving. I thought it was a coincidence so when we ran out, we didn’t rush to buy more. Big mistake! His antics in the jumping arena returned with a vengeance. It was then discovered that his lower spine behind his saddle was stiff and locking, causing him pain. We ran into Justin again at another event and restocked with RHV and started adding it to his feed immediately. And yes, he is jumping happily again. How can we not believe when the proof is right in front of us. Exceptionally happy and relieved.

  • Kim - Paralowie, SA
    Kim - Paralowie, SA

    Charity has been on the rosehip for a good couple of months now. We have
    noticed a little bit of improvement since about week 6 or 7, I actually
    managed to get her out for a walk one day and then she even had a trot!
    We were amazed at that since we haven’t seen her trot for a long time!
    It was so good to see that I got tears in my eyes 🙂
    She has good days and bad days but we are still working with the vet and
    farrier regarding her feet, so overall really happy with how she is

  • Fiona - Glenorie, NSW
    Fiona - Glenorie, NSW

    Catalina Florimo – FEI small tour dressage Warmblood I have been using the Rosehip-Vital Equine on my 15yo, 17hh, Warmblood dressage gelding, Catalina Florimo for approximately 6 months and the results have been quite remarkable. I currently compete him at FEI small tour level. About 5 years ago, when he was at Medium level, he started having soundness issues that vets have not been able to diagnose. I have had some success with chiropractic, massage therapy, ultrasound, etc. and a few long periods of rest, plus I have tried various joint supplements and injectables with variable results. I changed his hoof trimming, which has probably had the most impact, however there continued to be niggling, intermittent soundness issues, that I have not been able to solve. He would be stiff in warm up, and sometimes with a slight unevenness in his trot which was worrying. He would generally warm up out of it, but some days his work would seem laboured, which also concerned me.

    I started him on the loading dose of RHV Equine in April 2013. It took 3 weeks before I started noticing any difference, which included less stiffness in his warm up and no sign of unevenness in his trot. I was not prepared to draw any conclusions at this early stage as the unevenness would come and go, however the reduction in stiffness was quite noticeable. We moved to the maintenance dose, however after a week or so he appeared to get “stiff” again. The RHV team suggested putting him back on the loading dose, which I did, and the stiffness dissipated reasonably quickly. I have kept him on the loading dose ever since and occasionally I will give him a “top up” scoop if I am in any doubt, and the results have been quite remarkable. I now have a horse with much more energy and willingness to go, who has been consistently sound for longer than I can remember and is getting much stronger in his work which is showing in our scores. I am so delighted with the outcome, and to know that my long term equine partner appears sound and happy.

    What I really like about this product is, not only does it appear to really work, but it is completely natural, vegetarian product (which I am much more comfortable feeding to my horse that the marine or bovine based alternatives), that has a long list of additional health benefits.

    I have been using Rosehip-Vital Equine on my 16yo, 17hh, Warmblood dressage gelding, Catalina Florimo for over a year now and I can only say the results have been consistently remarkable! Some years ago he developed some niggling, intermittent soundness issues – stiffness, unevenness in trot, etc. In addition to spending a lot with vets, I tried a number of joint supplements over time, including Pentosan, without much noticeable effect. So I had this wonderful horse that I loved and had owned since we were both beginners, who was stiff and often uneven in trot, and I was incredibly frustrated about his future.
    I sceptically trialled the RHV-E product before market, in April 2013 and I can only say I have been “amazed” with the results. It took 3 weeks to see a definite difference and I have established that I need to keep Florimo on the loading dose of RHV-E, but in doing so, I feel like I have a young horse again. He is much more willing, happy and consistently sound. I can tell if anyone in our stable leaves the RHV-E out of his feed for any period, as he becomes stiff and slightly uneven in his work. A day or so of topping him up and he is back to full soundness and performance.
    What I really like about this product is, not only does it really make a difference for my horse, and mean I can keep competing and training and learning, but it is completely natural, vegetarian product (not marine or bovine based like alternatives), and has a long list of additional health benefits, particularly for skin and immune system. It is not the cheapest product on the market, but for this horse it is absolutely worth every penny and I am so grateful for having stumbled across it!

  • Marilyn - Brookhampton, WA

    I have been having absolutely amazing success with the GOPO tablets for myself-before taking it I could not use my right foot properly it has been like it for 10 years-no doctor or specialist has been able to solve the issues with it often ceasing up badly in the cold weather-it is now fully functional-I am so impressed,plus the Rose-hip Powder for my horse and my sons dog has helped them both so much-poor Sammy could hardly walk with her arthritis and she now has a spring in her step,whilst the powder helped my horse heal quickly from a fence injury-thank you so much for letting us be a part of the trials-it has helped us all with amazing results. I cannot wait to also be able to purchase the oil 🙂

  • Sallyanne - Millers Forest, NSW
    Sallyanne - Millers Forest, NSW

    Warrior, my horse in his early 30’s with ringbone was as stable as I thought he would ever be on MSM, but since being on Rosehips there is no sign of lameness. He has a spring in his step and is walking around the paddock much faster and brighter. Before if he got a spook and tried to run off he would only take a few steps and be lame for a few strides. Although he can’t run far now he does not limp. He actually tried to pigroot in the paddock the other day. So he is obviously feeling great. Considering I started the Rosehips at the beginning of winter and I can see a great improvement in him already I’m thinking come spring and summer he will be even better.

  • Sara - Lilli Pilli, NSW
    Sara - Lilli Pilli, NSW

    Sorry it has taken this long for me to get into contact with you but finally got a minute to update you on how the rosehip helped my mare .
    Earlier this year my mare has injured her hamstring and was taking a very long time to recover not to mention an old hip/ groin injury she has had from 3 years ago was causing extreme tightness through her hip and restricting movement dramatically. My mare is 11 and she was lame every couple of months from straining or tearing her muscles and tendons from being so tight up and stiff all throughout her body …. until I found out from a friend about this rosehip stuff for horses. within the first 3 weeks she seemed to recover very quickly from lameness, and by the 4th week I could get her to stride out further than she has ever done before it was like riding a new horse , she was moving forward and just felt so much looser in her back legs and hips it was the best feeling being able to finally have her come good and stay good.
    The other bonus benefits were her coat and colour had become much deeper and shiny . I am now putting my other horses on the same thing as one has shin splints and one just for maintenance.
    One horse that always seemed like an itchy horse is no longer itchy or scratchy so even though he looked amazing there must have been something in his skin that caused him to be itchy that cleared up and allowed him to be less agitated within himself .
    I recommend this product to any horse owner even if there is no problem there is prevention, or unseen problems that will benefit from rosehip.
    Hope that’s ok let me know if you need anything else I have attached a photo of all three horses that I want to put on this including my new horse he has shin splints and I’m 100% this Will help, and just want to say thank you for offering me one more free tub would be amazing as I need to supply enough for three horses now , do you still want me to get it from randwick equine? as I’m taking a horse there tomorrow for an operation.
    Also I have a sponsor who is a feed company and I think they would do a great job selling and passing on this product for you , if I help out with this is there a special deal we can arrange for me to get some discounted rosehip for my horses. And I could even add you guys separately as an extra sponsor to help advertise it some more ?

  • Sue - Durham Pastoral Company, QLD
    Sue - Durham Pastoral Company, QLD

    I have been using Rose Hip Vital Equine for some months now and have been amazed at the positive effect it has had on my horses.

    Wavy is a 22 year old Cleveland Bay/Australian Stockhorse. She has been suffering from Cushings Disease plus arthritic joints for a couple of years now. With the arthritis she was unable to be ridden and was lethargic and cranky, which is understandable.
    Since being on Rose Hip Vital Equine her demeanor has changed dramatically. No longer the old creaking creature that she was. I am now riding her again and she is enjoying every minute. Only problem is that she now thinks that she is a teenager again and piaffes and passages around the paddock. This is just wonderful and I am very grateful to the team at Rose Hip Vital Equine for developing this wonderful product. If it were not for the Cushings, I am sure she would be back to her winning dressage ways!

    I started our 2 year old Stockhorse, Domingo, on Rose Hip Vital Equine to try to alleviate his Queensland Itch problem. We had tried everything else, plus rugging even in our hot Queensland weather, to no avail. Since being on Rose Hip he is scratching a lot less and seems much happier in himself.

    Needless to say we will be putting our entire polo team on Rose Hip Vital Equine when they come back into work next season.

  • Bryony, Duffys Forest, NSW

    Annie is a 14.2h Quarter horse/Arab and is 18 years of age. Annie has been with me for the past 6 years and in that time she was ridden fairly hard doing show jumping dressage and trails by a young teenage male She blew a tendon on her right front leg and was given 6 months off and another six months for a slow recovery back to health.

    In the past three years Annie has competed in dressage and has done pony club and also a school horse for more competent riders. I noticed a swelling on Annie’s right hind leg around the fetlock area. This swelling was consistent with the high level dressage movements she was doing, so we backed off the higher movements but the swelling was still there.

    For the last three months she has been on the powder that you asked me to trail for you and the swelling has come down by at least half the size, she has also had no sign of lameness throughout this time.

  • Rhonda, Kolan, QLD

    Mantus (Prince Parquetry) is a thorough bred 10 year old stallion with worn cartilage in his joints. He broke his hip as a 3 day old foal. Put in traction for 3 months and then confined to stable and small yard. Poor muscle development and contracted tendon front leg ended up with club foot. He’s been on Rose-Hip Vital for almost 2 months. Horse is more free moving than prior. Winter will be a good challenge for the product but the stallion thus far is 70% better than prior to use of Rose-Hip Vital so I will keep him on the product.

    Grace is an 8 year old thorough bred Broodmare with a hip injury and Queensland Itch (skin problem). This mare has been on Rose-Hip Vital for almost 2 months. I trialled Rose-Hip Vital on this mare for her hip problem (pain and altered gate) and noticed improvement on movement within 2 weeks but what was more amazing and wonderful was the wonderful improvement in her debilitating condition of Queensland itch. The Itch causes this mare to rub all her hair off her head, neck, back, rump and tail until there are big sores and blood everywhere.

    As soon as the mare was put on Rose-Hip Vital the constant scratching stopped. The sores started to dry up and over the time she has been on the product her hair has grown back completely. The mare for the first time looks beautiful with a mane, tail and hair glossy and healthy. She still gets bitten from the insects but it no longer causes the inflammatory response. The change to this horse is just amazing. Thank you. I was really considering putting the mare down because she was just in so much discomfort from the itch all year round. I am over the moon thank you.

    Third horse is a 6 year old thorough bred with Laminitis which developed in her front feet (rotted them) after the flood. Mare was unable to walk due to continuous abscesses in both front feet. Mare has continued to improve over the 2 months with her mobility. Prior to commencement hardly walking now is able to cantor around the paddock. Mare is not on any other pain relief or product and is still on same feed prior to Rose-Hip Vital along with safe regular hoof care so I am very happy.

    Fourth horse, Dennis, is a 14 year old thorough bred gelding. Just commenced on Rose-Hip Vital for severe Queensland Itch. After 4 days already noticing big improvement horse hardly scratching/rubbing himself and old sores starting to dry up. I will give you a better update after 4 weeks. I will say that I have been totally surprised and extremely happy with the trial of Rose-Hip Vital on my horses and amazed on the improvement of Queensland Itch.

  • Vicki, Belrose, NSW

    Here is my little story about Bella. Bella Regina is a warm blood cross thorough breed mare approaching 20 years old. Bella has been in my family for the past 13 years and she has competed lightly in dressage and had one foal. During the past few years I had noticed Bella was starting to show signs of cartilage damage in her joints, to me as a rider I felt her movement was not as smooth and it was taking longer in the warm up to get her supple. Since using Rose Hip Vital i have noticed that Bella’s movement has improved it feels smoother and she is easier to get supple.

  • Fran, Bucca, QLD

    The Hobbit, 22 year old TB advanced dressage horse.  Hobbit has done really well on Rose hip Vital – no swelling in any of his joints any more and I have now weaned him off techniflex altogether.  You will also be interested to know that Hobbit developed an underrun sole in his off fore and developed an abscess – I would usually have to give him Bute as a painkiller for this – however it happened at a weekend and so I fed him an additional dose of Rose-hip Vital am and pm and this reduced the inflammation markedly – the farrier came yesterday and was amazed the horse was not crippled as the wet weather has softened Hobbits sole – however I have continued a higher dose of Rose Hip and although he is still lame he is eating and does not seem to be in too much discomfort and I don’t need to give him banned  painkillers.

    Volkman – 12 year old TB. Doing really well on rose hip vital. His feet also seem to have markedly improved as well as his back problem.  He is a much happier horse and I have started working him again.  I am sure that Rose hip has significance with feet problems as Volkman has terrible feet and there is no heat in them and they are the best they have ever been despite the wet weather.

    Ruby: 9 year old red cattle dog. Ruby is doing brilliantly – I have also weaned her off green lipped mussel.  She is active again, when she gets sore or plays too much I give her a higher dose and she is better the following day.  I think it is brilliant for active dogs and it has made an enormous difference to her.

    I have also stopped taking Mobicosa and am only taking Rose-Hip vital and my leg is really good (left leg badly injured by horse falling on it – have had 18 operations on it and was never meant to walk again). Mobicosa made a huge difference last year but I am finding Rose Hip vital just as good and as long as I remember to take it the pain is very bearable and I can ride without too much trouble.

  • Silvia, Terrey Hills, NSW

    Banjero – 22 yr old Criollo. Has done cattle work in Argentina, thousands of kms of trails & dressage in Germany and used as pleasure horse in Australia. Diagnosed with degenerative joint disease in his hocks at the age of 12 (shortly after coming over to Australia). He was on Cosequin, Pentosan, Ginger, MSM anything to keep him going – which worked quite well for some time. At 22 his right hind fetlock was swollen very badly and nothing seemed to help him. He was standing on his heels on both hinds, the front right leg also taken weight off and he was utterly lame.

    After 4 days of Rosehip vital the swelling was gone – the muscles at his back started to relax and his whole posture improved. One week later he stood normal on his hind feet again – his front feet square. I started to walk him and things still looked good. Another week later rode him in a walk and still good. I am now confident to take him back home to Germany with me – knowing he will not be in pain and be able to enjoy light work til the rest of his life. I will try rosehip vital now on my 12 yr old schnoodle who is limping due to joint swelling.

  • Cathi, Avondale, QLD
    Cathi, Avondale, QLD

    Since July, Hoodlam has remained sound in his front feet and hasn’t had a foot abscess. His feet look healthier, he is shod Queensland style (in the front only!). I was able to ride him over Christmas and he was fresh and excited to go out, tired the next day but sound. It’s too hot to gallop around much these days but if he needs to trot he does so without any pain. He is in fine spirits with a bright friendly demeanour. Before the rain it was drought conditions and I had to put the mare and foal in with Hoodlam and Flo. Hoodlam loves the foal and Mum trusts him with her. Flo is a bit touchy with her and Hoodlam protects the foal from Flo! At 26 he retains his 2nd in the pecking order, only to Suzi the mother of the foal (Cosmic). He looks like a much younger horse. His coat is in full summer bloom with dapples and his condition is good. I have he and Flo on 1 scoop each, which I increased to 1½ during the mud fever. Flo is back on one, and Hoodlam will stay on  1½ until the mud fever is cleared up.

    Flo’s leg swelled during the rain but is back down very quickly, in a matter of days, due, I’m sure to Rose-Hip Vitals anti-inflammatory properties.

  • Cathi, Avondale, QLD
    Cathi, Avondale, QLD

    I was thinking today that it was time to report to you about Hoodlam’s progress and I was noting in my mind the things to tell you, like his improved brightness, and his standing up to his friend’s bullying better. We have had 5 inches of rain just recently and I have been worried about his front feet… (shod), but they have remained sound, but the culmination of things to report to you happened this evening, I heard galloping feet, at first I thought it was Mum’s big fat cat on the cement right near where I was but I realized (yep you guessed it) it was Hoodlam coming flat strap up the paddock leading his mare friend (the bully) a merry dance! It’s the first time he’s galloped (that I’ve seen anyway) in a year! He really does seem happier too. I’m so pleased for him.

  • Michele, Grose Vale, NSW

    Originally i was taking Rosehip Vital as i have degenerative joint disease i found it helped reduce some of the joint swelling and pain, hence i thought this could be good for my horse as it has no side effects so no harm trying.

    I have been using Rosehip Vital on my 12yr old warmblood for the past 2 years, as he was diagnosed with some cartilage damage and a ruptured ligament. What i have noticed is how incredibly healthy he is considering he has been confined to a small yard for 18months.  He is now back in work and i couldn’t be happier he has had other treatments but i have found the Rosehip to be fantastic in managing and maintaining his general well being and any inflammation or pain. I recently clipped him and could not believe how healthy his skin is, the other thing i have noticed is his eyes are very bright. Originally when he was diagnosed the vet felt that he would not come back 100% and may end up being a trail riding horse. Well he has proved them wrong and is about to go out and compete again. He has not had one day when i have felt there was any sign on lameness, and his movement is as good as it ever was. Thankyou so much Rosehip Vital i will continue to use this product to help to keep him sound.

    I am also giving Rosehip Vital to a horse with Queensland itch she seems to be less itchy and not really rubbing at all. Also i am giving it to my 14yr old dog, who was becoming a bit stiff espeacially in the winter months, she seems to be responding well, i have noticed she is moving a lot faster and is able to jump on and off the couch a lot easier.

  • Denise, Campbletown, SA
    Denise, Campbletown, SA

    Tyrone is a 21yr old, 14hh, Connemara gelding with an absolutely lovable personality. He is my best buddy. At a young age he had a nasty accident where he went through a fence and was caught upside down in the fencing. He badly damaged his left foreleg and as a result has never been able to reach his full potential. He now has degenerative joint disease in this leg. He is a good little trail riding pony and works very well in straight lines but because of his injury has limited ability to work in deep sandy arenas or on the circle.

    He has been given Rosehip Vital at the recommended dosage for 3mths and it has definitely improved his performance. He is far more supple and is now able to work in a much more forward manner in the arena. The length of his stride when doing arena work has also improved markedly.

    3 wks ago Tyrone had an accident in the wet, slippery paddock. He did a skid with his front legs and a split with his hindlegs and appeared lame on his left hindleg. He was seen by the chiropractor and it was decided that he should be rested for app. 12wks. I doubled his dosage of Rosehip vital and within a week he was moving about the “infirmary” paddock much better than was expected.  It is now expected that he will be able to return to light work in 6 – 8wks from his injury rather than 12. This is great news.

  • Anne, Highbury, SA
    Anne, Highbury, SA

    I have had my 22 year old ex school horse Zed for over 2 years now. Many years ago he had a bad incident with some wire and cut across his off hind, leaving quite a big scar. This resulted in over compensation on his left side, causing the odd shoulder problem, balance issues lifting his legs on the left side and some unsoundness in the fore at times.

    In April of this year (2012), Zed managed to cut deeply right across the top of his front right knee. After daily treatment scrubbing back and adding what was necessary, it took three months for the scab to finally come off. Next was the task of getting him back into light work. Around this time, I started Zed on Rose Hip Vital. As it was difficult to pinpoint cartilage damage without a vet consultation, I have relied on Zed’s capabilities with a strict routine. Also being Winter, which is never a good time for an older horse, I had to be sure of what I was noticing.

    There was definitely an improvement by the 6 week mark. It was suggested that he stay on the double dose for an extra month, which I found to be worthwhile and he is now on the maintenance dose. Gradually I have noticed improvements in his flexion and length of stride when he is not being lazy. Bearing in mind too, that even though the open wound was no longer, there was still a degree of swelling and soreness. This past weekend (October 2012), Zed has been more forward and was able to complete a Cross Country course (jump poles only) and games day with no after effects the following day. It has taken 6 months of strict, regular work and daily doses of Rose Hip Vital to have my horse back better than he was before.

    I look forward to continuing the use of Rose Hip Vital as a maintenance program for Zed. Overall, although it has been harder from my point of view to report on his progress as I am with him most days, a change has been noticed by others as well. Anne

    A further update to my last report in October. Zed is 22 years old and been on RHV since July 2012. At the time of starting, Zed was still recovering from a gash above his knee from April. There was a period of about 1 1/2 months that he would not eat his bowl feeds, so RHV was stopped. This was during the Spring time when the grass was lush. Since being back on it for the same amount of time, I have noticed improvements in his forwardness and recently, his ability to do regular jumping, both in the paddocks and arena and better than he has before with me. The ground is a lot harder at the moment so more likely that he wouldn’t cope as well, but not a problem. I look forward to continuing RHV at the beginning of Winter this year, as that will certainly be a good test for Zed, being the worst of the seasons.
    Regards Anne

    This being my third testimonial throughout this past year, the big test for RHV was going to be this Winter, due to the fact that we started late July/August 2012 and heading into Spring. Zed, who will be 23 this year, has always been sluggish during the Winter months that I have had him and his hardest time. Quality of work was harder, but that could be the rider who needs to be on RHV. Originally I could report small improvements but nothing substantial from that time. Although the weather has been unusual and despite a small time over the Summer when Zed wasn’t eating his bowl feeds, he has remained on RHV, 6 days, if not 7 days a week. The difference this Winter for me so far, is the joy I am having getting that quality of work needed to keep his muscles built up and the overall picture is looking great.
    I do feel that RHV has helped to keep him more supple during this icy weather in the hills of South Australia.

  • Sonya, South Bingera, QLD

    Sorry for the delay in reporting back to you – I did want you to know how fantastic my horses are going at this time on the Rose-Hip Vital!! They are looking a million bucks, moving freer, muscled up due to collecting up more easily – everyone is commenting on how well they look, I think they are feeling 10 years younger and are looking it… they are jumping around and playing in the paddock with each other like they are juveniles. Performance wise they have been competing very successfully, even though their riders are only 10 year old they are quite established little riders taking home ribbons and 2 Bronze medals and a Gold with the Rug at the recent PCAQ State Dressage and Combined Training Championships in the 10 and U group.

  • Vanja, Clarendon, SA

    I’m happy to say that I don’t need to give Bute to my pinto with severe ringbone any longer. Rose-Hip Vital has proved to be sufficient for him. The mare who is rideable but had wear and tear lesions to coffin and pastern joints (according to vet) has also improved. She is not as sore footed any longer. Both horses have been happier and been cantering around in the paddock together.
    Very pleased, Vanja

    I have now been giving Rose-Hip Vital to my QH 12 yr old mare and my 17 yr old pinto gelding for 6 months and it has definitely improved their disposition.  Magic (the pinto) looks magnificent, strong and powerful and only with the slightest limp on his left (ringbone) foreleg.  He also used to have a bad time going downhill, to do with his hip which had been ‘upset’ by his limping.  He’s feeling a lot better and Rose-Hip Vital is one, of so many available things on the market, that I actually feel good about giving him. The mare’s hooves have become immensely stronger and she’s so much more willing to go forward. Of course I take Rose-Hip capsules myself as well, break up the capsules because I like the flavour so much!

  • Michelle, Belrose, NSW

    Bella Regina is a 16 hand, 20 year old Warmblood Thoroughbred mare. Bella is ridden 5 – 6 days a week. She is used mainly for dressage and on occasion out on a trail ride. About one year ago Bella was put on Rose Hip powder as she is an older horse the effects of joint damage were starting to show. Bella’s range of movement was limited and very stiff in her legs and neck when in work. I also noticed the joints in her front legs would make a clicking sound at times when she was walking. However now after using Rose Hip Powder for over a year (one scoop with her night feed) the improvements are great. Bella’s joints do not make the clicking sound and her movement has improved. As she is 20 years old she is still stiff, however compared to before she was on Rose Hip, the improvement is very noticeable.

    The range of movement in her legs has increased. Before Rose Hip Bella found it hard to track up in the walk and trot at times. However now it is much easy to push her to this limit and get a better stride from her. She also seems happier in herself; she plays in her paddock with her much younger paddock buddy Angelo, and can move more freely. From the results I have seen in Bella I would and I have recommended this product to anyone.  I am so happy with the results and her improvements.

  • Trish, Templewood Horse Riding Centre, SA

    TYRELL is a 17 year old Connemara mare, 15 HH with some cartilage degenerations and was used primarily for light work in beginner lessons. After 4-6 weeks, we noticed a marked improvement in her action which enabled us to increase her work load. This had continued from Winter into early Summer. We were thrilled with the results of her course of Rose Hip Vital and she was back in normal work, keen and moving well, saying “goodbye” to her beginner lessons. With her course for the trial finished and the very hard ground during Summer, signs of her joint damage have started to reoccur, which in turn, will mean reducing her work load once again. The study proved extremely beneficial for Tyrell and riders were pleased to have her back and enjoying the lessons, particularly in the paddocks.

    TALLY our 30 year old gentleman, 16HH and long time favourite of many a rider, was quite stiff all over. Had trouble stretching his front legs. Having some light exercise after his course of Rose Hip Vital, we can stretch his front legs forward and he has a new lease on life. Tally really enjoys his beginner lessons, managing walk, trot and some canter in good rhythm and well balanced. Has been known to surprise riders with his enthusiasm. Tally was on the course from Winter to early Summer.

    TARANA our semi-retired, 30 year old mare, 15.2 HH, showed improvement on the Rose Hip Vital, resulting in a long, free stride with a definite improvement in the flexibility of her joints. She managed well, her beginner lessons. Tarana was on her course of Rose Hip Vital from Winter to early Summer.

  • Jessica, Majors Creek, QLD

    I am actually enquiring about your Equine Rosehip Vital. I am aware that it is not available yet however you sent some trial tubs to a close friend of mine Ruth. Ruth gave me a tub to use with my thoroughbred who had a quite nasty leg injury. I fed it to him at a dose of 2 scoops per day and I can not tell you how impressed I am with the results. After watching the wound slowly heal over a period of months and constant setbacks I was quite disheartened. I then started Duke on the Rosehip Vital Equine and the wound healed at a rate that was nothing short of incredible. The wound began shrinking at such a rate that it was a bald spot as the hair growth could not keep up! What I want to know is how long before I can get this product? My 7 month weanling has cut his leg up quite badly only this morning and I want to start him on it as soon as I can!!! Please please can you let me know when I can get this as I WANT IT!!!!

  • Lauren, Manly, NSW
    Lauren, Manly, NSW

    I have had both my OTTB eventers on rosehips since October last year.  In October, after 6 weeks of acute lameness, my 12 year old gelding Lantief was x-rayed and diagnosed with mild degenerative joint disease. On vet advice, I started him on rosehips and made changes to his shoeing to give him the best chance of continuing as an eventer.  Since then he has successfully competed in 3 one-star level events and continues to be healthy and sound.

    My second horse, Magic, retired from racing as a 6 year old in May 2012.  The vet had advised he be retired due to xrays showing signs of degenerative change in the fetlocks.  He retired sound, but the vet believed that should he continue to race, he would be unsuccessful and highly likely to suffer further trauma to the joints, leading to injury, potentially permanently. Magic was started on rosehips in October 2012 and has been on them since.  He is going very well and adapting quickly to life as an eventer.  He has completed his first two intro level events, and showing promise in his ability in the dressage and jumping phases.  He does have swelling on his fetlocks, but doesn’t show any signs of being impaired or in pain from it, but I like the idea of having him on a natural product like rosehips to give him the best opportunity to both prevent (or address any existing) cartilage damage in his joints.  I have high hopes for his future as an eventer, so giving him the best opportunity to stay healthy and sound is of utmost importance to me, and having him on rosehips is an easy addition to his diet.

  • Tracy, Banjup, WA
    Tracy, Banjup, WA

    The old horse which was touch and go to survive after a serious but mystery illness, has made a remarkable recovery (the vet was very surprised!). Once he started eating again I re-introduced the Rosehip powder at the loading dose for 3 wks and have just reduced it to the maintenance dose.  I did not put him back on the MSM and Glucosamine so I can get an accurate reading of his progress on just the Rosehip powder.  He is also now on Cushings medication.  I am pleased to say that he is “blooming” with health, eating really well and recovered the weight he lost during the illness.  His previous soundness issues (in front) are reduced but not gone, and he is moving much better behind. The major improvement is in his attitude, he is keen to “march” out to his paddock, something he has not done for several years, and my husband has recently started riding him again and has commented that he is “ keen to work” , which is not usual for this horse.  I know that the Cushings medication could also be contributing to his new found energy, but feel that the Rosehip Powder is helping considerably. I feel that the Rosehip powder has helped his liver recover and regenerate, and boosted his immune system which was severely depleted by  the Cushings disease, infection and antibiotics”

  • Susan, Holland Park, QLD
    Susan, Holland Park, QLD

    Jack is my retired quarterhorse, currently around 30 years of age.  In November 2012 he was diagnosed with degenerative cartilage and over the course of the following 13+ months, experienced a heartbreaking continual decline from mild lameness to completely refusing to lead, despite long courses of herbal and homeopathic remedies, remedial treatments and finally Bute.  After discovering Rosehip Vital in late January 2013, I have seen gradual improvements for the first time since being diagnosed.  He no longer stands for long periods holding his lame hoof in the air and leads freely (a few agistees have even caught him breaking into an awkward trot or a 3 legged canter from time to time).

    His farrier has been able to trim all 4 hooves and every few days he allows me to pick out all 4 hooves (whereas for quite some time, his favoured hind remained immovable to the ground).  His farrier also commented on the excellent condition of his hooves and coat, which would indicate his improving health.  Along with the freer movement, I have also noticed scouring issues clearing up and an overall heightened level of comfort, health and happiness.  I will continue with the rosehips and for the first time am hopeful and confident of continuing improvements in his movement and comfort, which is my ultimate goal for his peaceful retirement. My sincerest appreciation to Justin for your interest and support – this is an amazing product and a wonderful company to deal with!!  We would not be without it now!!

  • Cathi, Avondale in QLD
    Cathi, Avondale in QLD

    Flo is a 3yo (rising 4yo) Paint filly. She won Hi Point 2yo performance and halter at our local western show club in 2012. In November of that year she kicked over the top of a plain wire fence and landed on it. This was in the middle of the night and she struggled and lacerated her near side, inside of her hock, very badly. Hoodlam alerted me that there was a problem by whinnying as close as he could get to my window. I found her in the neighbours paddock as she could not get her leg back over so she went backwards into the neighbours. It was quite horrific. The vet did not want to stitch it so I had to deal with it in all its glory. It was 5 months before it was healed enough to start her back in work. I started her on RHVE straight away, 2 scoops daily until May when she went on to 1 scoop. In the beginning the RHVE helped her with the shock of the injury and kept her eating up well and in the course of the healing, the anti-oxidant and other  properties of RHVE must have speeded the process. She had to go through months reducing the proud flesh that developed to cover the wound.  Although the wound looked terrible, Flo did not lose condition or look any worse for it. She always looked healthy and shining.

    In May she went to her first show since the injury and spite of the rather fresh looking scar, she did very well, placing in the all breeds and winning the Paint class. She is also back under saddle and has won 2 Western Horsemanship classes, the last one being in July.

    I think the scar will improve a lot more yet too.

    Hoodlam is a thoroughbred gelding, a retired dressage competition horse. He was 26 and a half when I first started putting Rose-Hip Vital Equine in his diet. He was suffering from a foot abscess which occurred during very wet weather. He had suffered with them before. His feet are very flat and during his later life the pedal bones have dropped and rotated making him very prone to laminitis. He has been on RHVE for 18 months. I started him on 2 scoops for about 6 months and reduced to 1 ½ up until the end of last summer and the likelihood of wet weather, when I reduced it to 1 scoop. In this time he hasn’t had any laminitis and has only been sore if his shoes have come off but has always recovered after they have been replaced.

    He also did not get a foot abcess in the 2013 Bundaberg floods, standing in wet paddocks for a week, plastered in Zinc and Castor oil cream! He did however, (as did the other horses) suffer from Mud Fever in the ensuing weeks. He was ridden gently at Christmas time 2012, and he was spritely too. I do not ask him too often as he is really animated and tires himself too much. Every year I have with him is a bonus and I am convinced Rose-Hip Vital has been the reason he has done so well in the past year. He is now the best friend of a weanling filly and is very valuable to me in that role. Long live Hoodlam and thank you RHVE!

  • Robyn, Erina, NSW

    I have had 3 of my horses on rosehips since late October last year.   My journey began by using it myself & finding it stopped pain in a finger & a thumb after acute soreness & swelling occurred.  After discussion with the company I asked if I could trial the product on my horses.

    Simon is a 22 year old, 16 hand  warmblood with Cushings Disease & is on the drug Pergolide.  He was suffering with skin rashes, feet issues & joint stiffness.  The addition of Rosehip Vital has given him a new lease of life & he looks amazing.   There have been no further skin problems, he looks really well & plays & runs around with his paddock mate.  He is sound & even though there has been an enormous amount of rain & very wet paddocks I have not had any foot abscesses.  I have also been able to reduce the daily Pergolide dosage.  The Rosehips add easily to their feeds with no complaints about the taste and definitely keep inflammation at bay.

    Waggs is an 8 year old warmblood in dressage work.  He too has been on the Rosehips since late October.  He has a slight enlargement of the front fetlock even though he did not have a day’s lameness, & has had two operations on an eye sarcoid with subsequent injections causing inflammation of the area.  Waggs is looking fantastic & working really well.  The fetlock has remained the same but with no heat or soundness issues and the eye continues to improve on a daily basis.  I believe the Rosehip Vital settles the inflammation & assists the healing process.

    Buddy is a little pony who foundered last October.  He was started on Rosehips in November 2012 & is now perfectly healthy & sound.  His feet look amazing, new xrays showed the rotation was gone,  & he is really well & happy in himself.  He also needed support as he suffered from a very large infestation of pinworms that depleted all the nutrients from his system.  These worms had developed a resistance to my worming programme not through neglect.  I feel the Rosehips aided in his overall wellbeing & the inflammation in his feet.   I continue to give him a maintenance dose.

  • Melissa, Bucca, QLD

    Banjo (chestnut) and Bobby (grey) are our two older horses that are showing the benefits of rosehip vital. Both are competed by our young daughter and the improvement in their movement is noticeable. They are not as stiff as they use to be which means that they are working better and enjoying being ridden. The improvement in Banjo who is used for dressage and jumping has been confirmed by the comments on his dressage tests as his movement is now freer. Bobby is used mostly for sporting events and he is responding and turning better that he has for a long time. Both horses have been more noticeably active out in the paddock also. Thanks to rosehip vital I expect that our daughter will be able to ride both of these horses for longer which is great as they are two old champions that still have a lot to teach her.

  • Janine, Hastings, VIC
    Janine, Hastings, VIC

    About 4 mths ago I was given a small sample of Rosehip Vital to try on an old dog that was having tramadol daily for mobility and pain relief. Ivy is 16 and within days I noticed a big improvement and was able to stop tramadol treatment and just use rhv. Ivy could run and play again, panting stopped because of being out of pain. Ivy is a very fussy eater but readily eats the rhv on food, which didn’t happen with other products tried.

    I decided to try rhv myself for sore shoulders and neck from years of heavy lifting and being over 50, found the same as the dog, much relief plus bonus of leg cramps reducing and general well-being feeling. We own and train racehorses so thought with great results on Ivy and myself would like to try the product on 2 horses, one being Mister Milton who benefits from treatment, so in using rhv hope to have a great spring racing with him and many more years of healthy happy horse.

    The other horse is a retired 6yo mare who severed the tendon in front leg above the knee, should have been put down but decided to try to save her. For many months a very lame horse with big ugly swollen leg, was told she will have very limited mobility. Giving her bute daily was the only thing that allowed her to get around, but knew it was not a long term product to use. We put her on a herbal treatment with no bute and was just okay with sometimes still needing bute, used rhv with herbal mix and have had great results, no bute needed and she can now gallop around her paddock bucking and playing and the swelling in leg reduced greatly, very happy horse and owners.

    I ran out of rhv about 3 weeks ago with in that time Crystal is back to very sore limited mobility, leg swollen again and very unhappy. Desperate to put her back on rhv have just started her on the canine one yesterday so hope to see improvement soon. The dog myself and horses will all continue to take rhv with another filly going on it when it is available. Thank you rosehip vital .. Janine

  • Kate Flemington, VIC

    I have a retired pony who is now about 28 years of age and over the past year he has become less active in the paddock. His appetite and general health has always been good however I thought maybe it was just age catching up with.

    After speaking with Darren at the Dog Lovers Show I enquired as to whether there was a rosehip product for horses and I started using Rose-Hip Equine in May 2013.  After only a couple of weeks I noticed a difference in Pete. He seemed to be moving with more ease, although he wasn’t lame or showing signs of soreness he wasn’t very active in the paddock.   As I continued adding the rosehip to his feed his energy levels increased and his movement continued to become more animated.

    He now canters around the paddock, something he hasn’t done for probably the past year.  He’s got his naughty pony cheekiness back too.  He can be a bit fussy with additives in his feed but the rosehip is palatable and I’ve found no issues with it.  I’ll definitely continue to use the product.

  • Kimberley, Gorokan, NSW

    I was trialling two of our race horses, “Farm Boy and Fancy Pants” on rosehip which Shannon was supplying for us. I found that I was seeing a huge change in the way they were getting around on track and feeling freer, and also looking better in their coats.Fancy Pants has had stem cell research and was on constant cortisone treatments. However when we were using the rosehip we completely stopped using cortisone as we found it wasn’t necessary. In the last two months we haven’t had any rosehip to give to the horses and can notice a difference with them not being on it. We would like to put a few more horses on it as we think it will really benefit them.