Kate Taylor-Wheat, Grand Prix Dressage Rider

November 2013
Nine weeks ago I started feeding Rose-Hip Vital Equine to my Grand Prix dressage horse, Oscar B. Since then I noticed a marked improvement in Oscar’s suppleness, soundness and wellbeing, with less recovery needed between training sessions. People cannot believe that he is 17. On Oct 5th, Oscar and I were back in the Grand Prix arena at our first competition in over 2 years. We both had so much fun and even came home with a win. I have been so impressed with the results on Oscar B that I am now using Rose-Hip Vital Equine on all of my competition horses with great results.

May 2014
Oscar B has now been on Rose-Hip Vital Equine for 7 months. Since the initial improvement in his suppleness and well-being, I have now noticed I can increase work levels in our training sessions and really work hard on movements he has struggled with over the years without the worry of damaging his legs or brain as now he is feeling so fit and strong and loving his work. I’m just so excited to be enjoying our daily training sessions. Oscar has taught me so much our partnership has been 15 years long and I love the enthusiasm he has for work even as he turns 18 this year.

Flowervale Florenz is the young man of my stable but is a big powerful horse. Since being on Rose-Vital Equine, I have noticed improvements in the condition of his coat and feet, along with his suppleness and strength during work. As Florenz’s work level becomes more demanding of him both physically and mentally, I have really noticed how well he is recovering from these sessions each time.

Since seeing my horses and my clients horses flourish on Rose-Hip Vital Equine, I began taking it myself. It’s great to be able to experience what the horses must feel while taking Rose-Hip Vital overall body wellness as well as keeping all those aches and pains at bay. I also put my dog on Rose-Hip Vital Canine. She developed chronic arthritis in her back leg and has been very lame on it for the past couple of years, however after only being on the Rose-Hip for a short period of time, to my amazement she was back to running around with the other dogs again. From horses to dogs to humans Rose-Hip Vital really looks after my whole family.

February 2015
Since retiring Oscar B from the Grand Prix competition arena at the end of 2014, I stopped giving him Rose-Hip Vital Equine and the change was dramatic. He went extremely lame and just looked really sore and uncomfortable. I put him straight back on Rose-Hip Vital and within 4 weeks he was again sound and acting like a 2 year old again in the paddock. I was so relieved to see him happy and healthy again.

World Star is getting stronger and fitter each time we compete, after a great show on Feb 1st World Star won the PSG with a massive 74%! I thought he may be tired the next day but alas he was squealing and leaping in his paddock. It’s great seeing him so happy and feeling fantastic as he has had a bad run over the years with his body.

I have seen so many great results with Rose-Hip Vital in my clients and friends horses, from all kind of issues like muscle soreness, navicular issues, arthritis/joint pain, stiffness, older horses all these horses have improved since starting on Rose-Hip Vital Equine and are in work, happy, healthy and out competing successfully which is fantastic and I just love seeing these results with happy horses and happy riders.



Rose-Hip Vital Equine is the ONLY clinically proven plant-based natural anti-inflammatory AND immune system support for your horse’s joint health and wellbeing.


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