Tim Boland, Elite Australian Eventer

To win my horses need to be at the top of their powers. With Rose-Hip Vital Equine as part of their diet I am confident that I have left no stone unturned for them to operate at their athletic best. GV Billy Elliot has been on it for 3 years now and I am thrilled with the results.

After I returned from England with GV Billy Elliot, who was travelling reserve for the London Olympics, I was approached by my vet to try a new product. She had said there were spectacular results with dogs and horses. I was of course skeptical as we are often approached to try new products. My vet was insistent and I am glad she was. Rose-Hip Vital Equine is different. Very different.

I have a large team of eventers who all live on Rose-Hip Vital Equine as part of their training regime. I have several with arthritic changes and recurring lameness that appear to have settled. My best horse GV Billy Elliot has no soundness problems but I was recommended Rose-Hip Vital to help prevent inflammation and arthritic changes. He has remained very sound and he looks and feels fantastic. The added bonus I have found with Billy who is traditionally a fussy eater is that Rose-Hip Vital mixed in the feed is a fantastic appetite stimulant. Unlike a lot of other joint powders horses love Rose-Hip Vital. Further to making my horses operate at their best, I have now started taking the human version which is equally effective. I have well developed arthritis after many years with many falls and a lot of broken bones. Rose-Hip Vital has been a great assistance to me and my team and I recommend it highly to anyone wanting to win.

Rose-Hip Vital Equine keeps my team sound and moving freely. Best of all it doesn’t swab. My whole team are on it and I am very happy with the results. I urge all horse lovers to include Rose-Hip Vital Equine in their diet, especially if you want to have your horses in the best possible shape to win. Rose-Hip Vital Equine is my advantage. Everywhere my horses and I go, Rose-Hip Vital Equine comes too. It will not just be another mumbo jumbo additive. It really works.

I am proud to represent RHVE and I urge those who haven’t tried this wonderful product on their horses yet to give it a go. You will be amazed!

Photo credit: Geoff McLean



Rose-Hip Vital Equine is the ONLY clinically proven plant-based natural anti-inflammatory AND immune system support for your horse’s joint health and wellbeing.


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